Businesses are open

Grant funding is available for small businesses impacted by COVID-19 that have not received federal assistance.

Small businesses in Grant County still have opportunities to apply for grant funding through Business Oregon.

Stephanie LeQuieu, Grant County rural venture catalyst with Oregon RAIN, said Friday that another application window opened up this week and that it will stay open longer than it did in the first round.

She said the Business Oregon grants are for small businesses with less than 25 employees and sole proprietors that did not receive emergency assistance under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

LeQuieu said she knows of one business that has received its grant money from the first round of applications, and eight others qualified out of 37 applicants. The qualified applicants were to be entered in a lottery drawing to distribute the funds, but LeQuieu said she thought there was enough funding for all that qualified in the first round.

A majority of the businesses, LeQuieu said, have already received an Economic Injury Disaster Loan through the Small Business Administration, which disqualified many businesses in the first round.

For more information, contact LeQuieu at or 541-965-1598.

Emergency Business Assistance Program

Susan Christensen, Greater Eastern Oregon Development Corporation executive director, said COVID-19 Emergency Business Assistance Program grant money is also available and that Grant County has been preapproved for $25,000.

Christensen said she will send the applications to LeQuieu. She said she will work closely with the county court and send emails with the applications to cities in the district.

She said funds, partially through Business Oregon, are for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees and sole proprietors that have not received CARES Act assistance.

Christensen said the $25,000 has to be disbursed by Aug. 21.

“I have to have at least an application approved by Aug. 21,” she said.

She said the turnaround time for a business to receive money is approximately a week.

She said Business Oregon has to ensure that a business has not received money from a different source.

She said the hope is the grants will allow small businesses to keep their doors open.

“One of the biggest concerns are the small businesses not being able to survive the pandemic,” she said.

Christensen said anyone interested in applying for the grant can reach out to her at or 541-612-7142.


Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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