JOHN DAY – One of Cupid’s arrows went astray last month – but not for long, thanks to quick work by Grant Union music teacher MaryAnn Vidourek.

According to Ron Ballard, he was pleasantly surprised when a group of high school music students showed up at Dave Traylor’s old place on Highway 26 to serenade him for Valentine’s Day. Thinking it might be a gift from his secret admirer, his wife Judie, he enjoyed the show.

At the end they gave him a rose – addressed to Dave Traylor.

“But I’m not Dave,” he confessed with a laugh.

The kids regrouped and finished their singing Valentine rounds, and that evening, Vidourek set off to make things right at the home Traylor shares with his bride, Leslie.

The students were done for the day, but she found the couple at home and sang a couple of songs, solo, for Dave.

“She was such a good sport,” said Leslie.

Leslie explained the mix-up: Dave had surprised her last year with one of the singing Valentine, so this year, it was time for turn-about. She directed the student singers to the Traylor shop address on Highway 26 for the choral presentation.

“I thought Dave would be there, working with Ron and some of the guys, and it would be fun and sort of embarassing,” she said. “It kind of backfired.

“But Dave laughed about it.”

The Ballards also got a kick out of things, even if Ron didn’t end up with the rose.

“It was good to see our young people out doing good things in the community,” he said in a letter to the Eagle.

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