Gardening in Grant County: Grin and plant it

Shanna Northway

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By Shanna Northway

OSU Extension Service

We are faced with many challenges when it comes to growing gardens in Grant County – the biggest being the length of our growing season.

In certain areas of our county, the growing season can be as short 80 days, too short for many vegetables to reach full maturity.

The other issue that we have here, and across the state, is the wide variety of soil types. Soil can greatly affect your ability to produce an adequate vegetable crop.

If you are a beginning gardener or new to the area, it’s important to be aware that our plant date is often pushed to mid-June for plants that are not cold tolerant (e.g., cabbage, chard, leaf lettuce, asparagus, and kohlrabi). Locals often use greenhouse to start seed in order to extend their growing season, and also use plant covers if there is threat of late frost.

Although we have to work around the climate, with some basic knowledge and the willingness to learn it is feasible to grow a plentiful vegetable garden.

Fortunately OSU Extension offers a wide variety of resources, no matter what your gardening experience is. Master Gardener Online through OSU would be a great option for experienced gardeners who really want to hone their gardening skills. Our local office also is available to arrange house visits to answer questions, and provide articles that may help you produce a better vegetable crop.

There are numerous OSU publications online that would be of great assistance to anyone with basic gardening knowledge, including an “Ask an Expert” tool that allows people across the state to ask questions of qualified experts. It’s available for questions about gardening, but also every aspect of agriculture.

I highly encourage the use of this resource as it is a quick and easy way to go directly to an expert and get an answer that you can have confidence in.

Shanna Northway is the OSU Extension agent in Grant County.

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