JOHN DAY – On Monday, Jan. 6, Judi fixed her marvelous mac and cheese. Billie Billiard and Marianne Morris worked the front desk. Ineta Carpenter and Joyce Nodine from Blue Mountain Hospital delivered and served. Alma Joslin won the free meal and Karen Barrietua got the free meal. It was a pretty sparse crowd but those who were there really enjoyed it.

Judi’s macho meatloaf brought in a nice crowd on Thursday, Jan. 9. Buzz and Margaret Glass delivered the meals. The ladies from Cornerstone Christian Fellowship served the meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, rolls, salad and pudding. Thanks, ladies, for serving and the great clean up afterwards. Kris Labhart and Marianne Morris greeted us at the desk.

Pastor Levi Manitsas was not able to be there so senior programs manager Veanne Weddle told us an amusing story about a preacher and a taxi driver’s interaction with St Peter. People laughed, but I bet Levi would have told it better. He does have a way with words. Hopefully he will be with the group when they come back on Valentine’s Day. They will have some helpers from the Life Skills group at Cornerstone.

Kay Berchtold won the Chester’s Thriftway certificate, and Mae Saunders got the two lunches at Valley View. Sherry Nance led the flag salute, and Zola Pike asked the blessing.

Monday, Jan. 13, was Judi’s famous pizza. Join us this Thursday, Jan. 16, for chicken.

PRAIRIE CITY – Did you survive the holidays? The children and grandchildren all came, making 13 for Derrol’s 75th birthday dinner on Dec. 29. Bert and his crew went home New Year’s Eve day, and arrived there to hear water running in his house – and not in the pipes. A plastic connector to a toilet failed; they figure the water had been running at least 24 hours. Joel, the repairman, commented that’s the price we pay for indoor plumbing.

So they’re waiting on all the insurance hoops to be jumped through so repairs can be made. Welcome to the joys of homeownership. They’ve only been in the house since the first of November.

Meanwhile, Joel attacked my ‘list’ for this place. Got a new kitchen counter top, and the sink moved and resealed. He put a handrail around the attic access door so we wouldn’t fall through the hole. Said he was concerned about us being up there with that opening. HE was concerned? So were we. Then he spent an entire day piecing back together an antique cabinet/commode I rescued at a yard sale 30-plus years ago. It just all came apart with all the moving. I got it stripped and sanded while it was all apart, which made that job easier. Now whenever I get over the latest crud, I can refinish it.

The ensemble Christmas presentation went very well. Thanks, gals. I’m working on Easter, now.

We finally get to have our Wednesday lunch on Jan. 8. Had a crowd of 49 diners in the hall and 17 takeouts. We enjoyed potato soup with lots of veggies and clam and shrimp pieces, plus grape juice, fruit salad, corn bread and Iva’s famous cinnamon roll cake.

Our servers were Fran Bunch, Charlotte Barkdoll and Jean Kline. Livy Adams helped out wherever needed.

Buzz led the flag salute, and Darrell Johnson asked the blessing. Billy Drinkwater got the $5 in trade from Prairie Drug and Hardware & Village Gifts.

The Blue Mountain Care Center ladies, Barb and Kellyn, brought Dorothy Blasing, Joava Bjornberg, Martha Steeprow, Dave Herberger, Floyd Morgan and Wil Tay.

The book exchange is getting a good work-out every week. Thanks for all the donations.

Something happened that I don’t remember ever happening before: my Polish daughter-in-love – the cook – asked me for a recipe. Amazing. My recipe was from mother, who liked to cook less than I do, so it didn’t take long to give it. Had five short lines. Bert said it was OK, so that’s the ultimate compliment, huh?

Gen. 2 :9 And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. I Tim. 6: 8 And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.

Happy New Year!

MONUMENT – The Jan. 7 senior meal there were 42 people present. Dinner consisted of taco casserole, Mexican fried rice, salad, and gingerbread cookies for dessert.

The certificates were awarded to Darlene Forrest, Len’s Drug; Bob Yukowa, Chester’s Thriftway; and John Yeager, free meal.

The Monument School student body held a month-long canned food drive for the Monument Food Pantry. We appreciate them and all the students who participated. We especially want to recognize Desiree for organizing, Collecting and delivering the donated cans of food. Desiree, we appreciate your dedication in helping others.

New Life Ministry will sponsor Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at 6 p.m. on Friday nights, in the Long Creek Community Center. The program is designed for any addictive behavior. For more information, call Ed Studtmann, 541-421-3888.

Hopefully everyone is back to normal after the holidays. My wish is that everyone had a healthy, happy and joyful Christmas, New Year celebration and throughout the year.

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