The Monument Fourth of July Jubilee had a schedule full of activities starting with a biscuit and gravy breakfast and ending with a fireworks show over the river.

Sahara Hyder organized the 4-H Color Run 5K, with 27 runners taking a route on Wall Creek Road, starting and ending at Monument School.

After the parade, people enjoyed events in the park, including bobbing for apples and a display of patriotically themed quilts and knitted items at the basketball court. Carson McKay, who will be a junior at Prairie City School this fall, auctioned off desserts.

Lonnie Lawrence, who spearheaded games and activities, said it was a fun and enjoyable day.

“The kids games were well attended, and everyone seemed to have a good time,” she said. “We had a really good turnout, much better than expected, and did quite well.”


First: Cody Cole and David Hudson, 50/50 pot

Corn hole

First: Heath Vaughan and Jake Kralman, 50/50 pot

4-H Color Run 5K

First: Josh Thomas, 24:45

Second: Brittany Desadier, 24:46

Third: Jordan Desadier, 24:47

Parade results

Best of Show: Aubrey Bowles and Kyla Emerson

Horse Division

First: Taylor Hamilton and Jenna Kelli

Ambulance Crew

First: Stacey Cox and Casey Pogue

Walking Group

First: Molly Jean and Mary Cade

Fire Crew

First: Archie Osborn


First: Weston Hamilton


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