Grant County students in grades 7-12 moved through several learning stations Thursday at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School in John Day for the third annual Teen Health Fair.

The teens learned about many topics at the 14 booths, including the importance of healthy eating, exercise, dental hygiene and responsible dating, as well as the dangers of drugs, alcohol and distracted driving.

Jessica Winegar organized the event and also headed up a station that had students competing in a relay race, balancing boiled eggs on spoons they held in their mouths — no hands allowed.

She said the game taught teamwork and showed how staying positive and cheering on others leads to greater success.

“That’s how life is,” Winegar said. “When you’re negative, you bring everyone down, so you have to stay positive.”

Winegar is the Grant County Health Department manager and coordinator of the Grant Union School-Based Health Center.

She said she was glad to see more community partners involved in this year’s fair, adding the teens seemed to enjoy the stations.

“It’s awesome to encourage healthy behaviors to the youth in our county in a fun and relaxed atmosphere,” she said. “We have well-behaved, entertaining and engaged youth, and they are a pleasure to work with.”

The event was made possible through an Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization transformation grant, which focuses on adolescent health.

Organizations involved in leading stations included Families First, Grant County Health Department, Strawberry Wilderness Community Clinic, Oregon State Police, Len’s Drug, OSU Extension, Kaidee Weaver, Blue Mountain Hospital District EMTs, Advantage Dental and Community Counseling Solutions.

Students from Grant Union, Prairie City, Dayville, Monument and Long Creek rotated through the stations.

Prairie City PE and health teacher Joe Weymouth said the lessons were new for some and a refresher for a lot of others.

“It’s a productive day for a lot of these kids, and they’re enjoying it,” he said.

Grant Union junior Tegan Wright said her favorite station was a workout routine on the front lawn where instructor Kaidee Weaver led the group in exercises set to fast-paced music.

Cody Jo Madden, also a Grant Union junior, said the fair overall offered a good learning environment.

“I enjoyed how they made the games fun, but also really educational,” she said.

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