Fourth of July in Dayville had a series of activities that kept locals and out-of-towners alike busy the entire weekend.

The tiny desert town had no shortage of things to do, from rock painting contests with patriotic themes to live music at the Fish House Inn RV Park and a parade on July 4.

Kalli Wilson, Dayville city recorder, said although there weren’t as many people as in previous years, it was a good turnout.

She said Luke Johnson’s karaoke at the Fish House Inn brought in a big crowd. Wilson said she hopes the town can make it a tradition.

She said she was honored to have long-time residents Pam and Dan Martin as Dayville’s Grand Marshals. Also, she told the Eagle that the town raised money for its Community Hall renovation through the baked goods auction and duck race.

It was a weekend packed full of fun that started with live music on Friday night and ended with live music on Sunday night, she said.

Parade results

Grand Marshals: Dan and Pam Martin

Best of Parade: Evie Schmadeka on Cocoa Puff


First: Everleigh Schmadeka on Cocoa Puff

Second: McMullin Family

Non-motorized Division

First: Rowdy Isreal

Second: Shirley and Paige

Motorized Division

First: Moore – Furry Fun

Second: Timber Basin Contractors

Horseshoe Tournament

First round: Jeff and Justin Larson

Second round: Keith and Cliff

Painted Rock Contest

Best of Show: Pam Martin

First: Piper Swagger

Second: Kiah Nichols

Sidewalk Chalk Contest

Best of Show: Carah Furry

First: Luke McMullin

Second: Katch McMullin

Third: Hallie Larson

Coloring Contest

First: Hank Roy

Second: Peyton Furry

Third: Bodhi Moore



Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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