Chester’s Thriftway gave life to donuts designed by Humbolt Elementary students.

Third- and fourth-grade students participated in a contest where they designed and drew their own donut. Students then wrote to Chester’s why their donut is the best and should be made.

Students designed a variety of donuts such as bacon maple, carrot cake, s’mores and pretzel.

The winners of the contest were Kaitlyn Charette, Mikaia Houpt, Paislee Hueckman, Saphira Ayeliya from the third Grade and Beau Vancleave, Noah Cobb, Danner May and Lilly Huerta from the fourth grade.  

Third-grade Humbolt teacher Robyn Miller said Chester’s judged the design for the donut challenge and chose two donuts from each class to make for students to enjoy with the class for their Valentine’s Day party on Feb. 11. There were a total of eight winners.

Kaitlyn Charette from the third grade, one of the eight winners who designed the Raspberry Delight Donut, said the contest was fun because there were no rules when it came to designing a donut, and they were able to write about what they wanted their donut to be.

“Chester’s, you should pick my donut Raspberry Delight because it has chocolate chips,” Charette wrote to Chester’s. “Everyone likes chocolate chips!”

She added that it was cool to see a donut she designed now in a box and ready for her to eat.

“It was really fun, and I liked it,” Charette said. “It was pretty cool because it looks kind of exactly like I imagined it to look like.”

Beau Vancleave, a fourth-grade winner who designed the s’mores donut, said his favorite part of the activity was the chance to eat something he created.

“It is the best donut on Earth!” Vancleave wrote to Chester’s. “If you make this donut, it will be the best donut.”

Fourth-grader Noah Cobb, another winner who designed the bacon maple donut, said he was confident he would win because everybody likes bacon. He said he liked the project, and it made him happy because he could eat his designed donut and share it with his classmates.

“I liked it because, if I get picked, I was going to get to share the experience with everybody,” Cobb said.

Miller said they wanted to thank Chester’s for doing this donut activity with them and supporting the school. She said this activity was a great way for students to show their persuasive writing skills while having fun.

“It’s just so amazing to see the kids’ creativity and all of the great ideas that they came up with and the humor that they had,” Miller said. “That was wonderful to see, and everybody did a great job on it.”

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