Four students named to Grant Union honor band and choir

Grant Union Junior-Senior High School music director Levana James, left, stands with honor band and choir members Alyssa Hoffman (French horn), Will Carpenter (choir bass), Carle Wright (bass clarinet) and Samantha Floyd (trombone). The group traveled to Milton-Freewater to a two-day Oregon Music Educators Association District 6 Honor Band and Choir event that culminated with a concert on Nov. 6.

Four Grant Union music students traveled with band and choir director Levana James to Milton-Freewater Nov. 5-6 for the Oregon Music Educators Association District 6 Honor Choir and Honor Band event.

Grant Union seniors Carle Wright (bass clarinet) and Alyssa Hoffman (French horn) and junior Samantha Floyd (trombone) were selected for honor band with sophomore Will Carpenter (bass) joining honor choir.

They practiced with student musicians from nine other schools, directed by Steve Peter for the choir and Luke Strother for the band, both widely experienced. The event culminated with the students performing in concert at McLoughlin High School the evening of Nov. 6.

“It was good having another bass clarinet to play beside me,” Wright said.

“I enjoyed singing with other basses like me — about 20,” Carpenter said. “The conductor was great. He really bonded with us and tried to make it fun for us.”

Among the five selections for the choir was “Laughing Song,” by George Mabry.

“The Washington Post March,” by John Philip Sousa, was one of four songs played by the band.

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