JOHN DAY—It has been a very busy week. I usually don’t get personal in this article, but this last week my mom received her promotion to heaven at age 96 so I traveled to Tulalip, Washington, for her celebration. I was not told that several people there (my sisters and immediate family members) were ill, and they did not even know they had COVID-19. I was very angry, but it is what it is. The weather was great, and I and others were able to be outside most of the time. The ceremony was at the graveyard, not in a building, of which I am thankful. I am home safe, and it has been five days since I was with them, and I am doing well. Please adhere to the regulations for this disease. I will not spread it, and please don’t spread it to someone else or me. If we want this thing to get over with we must be observant. Thanks.

In John Day and throughout Grant County, the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for COVID-19 are available to those who make appointments to get one. The news is that this vaccine will be good for at least six months after you get it. The best place to have a good chance to get one is the Health Department. Call 541-575 0429. You also can email and ask for your appointment. The sooner we all get this, the sooner we will be able to meet in person again.

If you are feeling anxious or would like to talk to someone about the COVID-19 situation, you can call one of the following phone lines:

• the Oregon Warmline at 1-800-698-2392, available seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., to speak with a trained peer.

• SAMHSA’s Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746 to speak to a trained crisis counselor to help people experiencing distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.

Thursday, April 15, our menu will be red beans and rice with sausage, coleslaw and cornbread. Blueberry cobbler for dessert. Then for Monday, April 19, Shay is making beef tostados, Spanish rice and jello. For dessert it will be pina colada cake. Make your order by 8:30 a.m. (541-575-1825) so it will be ready for you to pick up at 11:30 a.m. at the back door. Thanks for supporting our senior center, and hoping you enjoy these meals made especially for you.

God is listening to all your prayers and cries. He is with you at all times and would love you to recognize HIM. He has saved me from so many perils along the highways and in life. HE loves you and me the same.

MONUMENT—We had another winner of a lunch created by our cooks, Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell. We had delicious Philly cheese sandwiches, french fries, pasta salad and fudge with frosting. It was a very filling meal. I almost did not want to eat dinner later for I was still full from the lunch. We thank our cooks immensely for their dedication and hard work.

Our volunteers were Kristi Guimont who filled out the paperwork. Bob Cockrell and Jan Ensign counted the money, and Sylvia Cockrell delivered the meals to the patrons at the door. We also thank our other volunteers like Heather Riggs for her help in cleaning the facility. We are thankful for all who help with our center and ensure its smooth operations.

Well, it is looking like I have some volunteer snap pea plants coming up! Woo hoo! They are coming up in between some garlic cloves that I had planted last fall. At first I thought it was binding weed, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not. I also found some of my asparagus that had come up, and this year I get to harvest them. Yay!

Spring has definitely sprung. Ha. I see lots of green things coming up. My rhubarb plants are shooting out leaves. I need to move them this year to a better location. I see some new raspberry leaves on the canes. Oh yes, there is new life that is awakening from the winter.

Now, all we have to do is pray for some rain. Yes, calling out all the prayer warriors to pray for rain. We need it for our spring gardening adventures. I am praying the Lord will bless us with some good and steady rain to help awaken our seeds that we will or have sown.

So I have not yet figured out if someone is sucking on Chevre. I am suspicious, though, of Marianne because she seems to always be near Chevre when they are eating. I am wondering if that is the reason why the woman that I purchased the three goats from got rid of them. Hmm. I cannot do something like that in good conscience, selling some defected or problematic animal without disclosing information. The other nanny goat, Ginger, has some issue with her butt. I am still trying to solve that problem too, sigh. There is so much to do. Do you get that feeling of excitement and anticipation as you look out the window and it is a beautiful sunny day? I am looking out my back windows at all the trees and the blue sky as I am typing this, and I almost want to go out. I say almost because it is still deceivingly cold. I will wait for the warmer afternoon to go out and do stuff. I will just observe with my eyes. Ha.

Thank you, Lord, for your love and grace, and mercy on us all. Thank you, Father, for beautiful Eastern Oregon.

Isaiah 54:14 “In righteousness shalt thou be established: Thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear, and from terror, for it shall not come near thee.”

PRAIRIE CITY—I know spring is here because I changed my winter clothes to spring ones! And I got out in the yard and dug up some weeds! In our neck of the woods, when the weather is conducive to yard work, you better do it! Derrol even mowed the lawn with the electric mower. Again the question is how come the weeds will grow from cool ground, but we have to wait until the soil warms up to plant vegetable seeds? Something’s not computing here.

Our meal was sponsored by Delores Scott in memory of Georganne Williams, who was the senior coordinator for many years. Head Cook Pam and Assistant Cook Laura prepared lasagna, a green salad, French bread and a fruit salad and a huge cookie for dessert our first meal of April. Yummy, yummy in the tummy. Tom and Carlos did the home deliveries, and Ginger and Mary took care of the pick-ups. Pam did the money collecting and name check-offs. Thanks to one and all for all your work.

I discovered that we have a large assortment of jigsaw puzzles that are available for taking home and doing. I brought a couple home and completed one. Then I decided I should get brave and try the one that daughter-in-love gave me for Christmas. It is a butterfly-shaped puzzle, but all the pieces are also shaped like various animals and birds and stars — the brand is Unidrago,n and it’s from Russia or someplace where they use the Russian alphabet. It is all wood, and if you break a piece or lose, they will replace it! Well, I got a few pieces connected. It is definitely a puzzler!

With almost nothing worth watching on TV, I hauled out a couple of old VHS tapes of a couple of plays that were put on by Grant County actors. One was by the South Fork Players in ‘96 in the Dayville Community Hall with John Fiedor playing a lady. The other was by Front Street Facade in the Prairie City Teen Center with a whole host of Prairie City characters. In both shows, I played an old deaf lady. How appropriate! Was a lot of fun! The stage crew in P.C. even built a device that made people disappear through the wall of the set! Pretty good for a bunch of unsophisticated people.

Now I’m going to try to get my new printer to print from my camera card. This might be interesting. The directions are on the computer in a special file — can’t have a book, you know. Found the slot to put the card in. That’s the first step! Underneath that slot is another smaller one with a couple of quotation mark looking designs. Wonder what that means? Well, I can’t type and look at the directions at the same time, so stay tuned!

I Corinthians 15:51,52 “Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed — in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet…”

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