JOHN DAY—On Aug. 13, we’ll have barbecue ribs, potatoes au gratin baked beans, Southwest cornbread and cherry cobler.

On Aug. 17, we’ll have baked turkey thighs, cheesy tomato zucchini casserole, couscous pilaf, french bread and rhubarb muffins.

On Aug. 20, we’ll have corn dogs, chili, chips and salsa, fruit cups and cookies.

We want to thank you for ordering through us.

We are moving next week to Dayton Street here in John Day.

MONUMENT—So I have to make a correction about the number of lunches served the previous Tuesday. You know, it was the chicken fried steak lunch, and the number that was actually served was 92 lunches! Can you believe it? It is true. That was how many lunches were picked up the week prior.

Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell made for us spaghetti for our Tuesday meal. We also had fresh salad, garlic bread and a cookie with frosting for dessert. They served 54 lunches. We thank our cooks for blessing us with good food for us all.

Our volunteers were Kristi Guimont, who helped to do all the paperwork involved. Jan Ensign and Bob Cockrell counted out the money, and Bob also delivered the meals to the awaiting patrons in their cars. Our senior center is still popular, that is for sure.

This past week, the weather turned quite chilly in the mornings. The weather seems to not be able to make up its mind. I am not complaining, mind you. In fact, it was a relief after that hot spell we had before. I took advantage of the cooler weather and got ambitious enough to bake some chocolate chip zucchini muffins. Then I got even more productive and baked some lemon poppy seed muffins. I tried something new: I put cream cheese in the chocolate chip zucchini muffins. It was not bad, even though you know that I don’t like cheese.

The wasps were really horrible when the weather was hot, and then they sort of disappeared when it got cooler. I do not like them at all. My poor little boy got stung again, and he has been having a terrible rash or hive reaction. We must remember to set out those traps earlier in the spring to get rid of those nasty pests.

Well, Jeffrey was executed. We no longer have to go into the chicken coop in fear of being attacked, or just walking next to the chicken run either. He was a crazy rooster and a danger to us. I guess some roosters are just mean and get meaner with age.

My garden is moving along quietly. That means it is going at a very slow pace, and not much is happening. My zucchinis are doing just OK. I am finding lots of earwigs that are eating the blossoms before they open up and then have no zucchini. I think I hate earwigs along with the grasshoppers and wasps the most. Oh, no, I forgot: I hate slugs too. Those are the four major bugs that are on my most wanted list. I am seriously toying with the idea that I might want to try and fry up those grasshoppers and eat them. Ha, maybe when there is nothing else to eat and I am starving. If I try it, I will let you know. I am sure they would taste nutty and have good protein in them. Anything fried is yummy right? Hmm, maybe, we shall see.

Ecclesiastes 5:2 “Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few.”


Summertime — and the livin’ is easy; fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high.

Remember that song? Talked to some people who had experience in the South during summer. Before air conditioning, you just sat on the screened porch and drank lemonade ‘cause it was too hot and humid to do anything. And we thought we had it bad last week at over 100 degrees! There was only one night that it took a long time to cool off, and for that I am very grateful! Our little AC units have been able to keep us quite comfortable.

We had goulash for our entree. I was curious what it would be. Turned out to be macaroni with tomato and hamburger. Hmm. Very easily put together and quite tasty. The veggie salad had a little bit of everything that you usually don’t find in a salad: peas, broccoli, green beans and squash, I think. Quite tasty also. We had a dish of pears too! To help it all were a couple pieces of toasted and buttered french bread. For dessert Laura and Laura and Travis made a raspberry cobbler with topping. Just look at all the different veggies and fruit in that meal! Certainly not bland fare, huh?

On to the garden report: The transplanted sunflower is going to survive! It is making progress on the “head.” The others are approaching 10 feet in height. I am amazed at the size of the stem compared to when they were seedlings — what hath God wrought! The little cherry tomatoes are finally starting to turn red. And the deer haven’t bothered them — yet. Keeping fingers crossed. After all the complaining about the carrots not coming up last year, I think every seed came up this year! Got some thinning done, but there was no way to do it properly. You just had to take a handful of tops and pull. There were some that were teeny-tiny and some little finger size. Had enough to make a couple of meals anyway. Same story with the beets, but they were seeded a little farther apart so not quite so many with each handful. The corn is up to 5 feet, and the pollen-producing tassels are waving in the breeze. Wheee. I can almost taste it! The peas have outdone themselves. If they are going to be that tall, I must get a higher support for them next year!

I took a tumble for some unknown reason and landed on my forearms and knees on the ramp over the cement walk. So Joel is busy fixing some new handrails for our use. Had the grandsons come and dig some holes to put the support posts in. Remember, we are sitting on dredge tailings with only 6-12 inches of dirt — if that much. So, they had their work cut out for them. Stay tuned.

We finally got “Censusorized” too. I kept wondering if I should call the phone number and try to do it, but other things kept getting in the way. So I was glad to see one of our local gals when she came to the door and proclaimed, “I’m the Census taker.” And, of course, no paper forms to fill out. All on an electronic device. So there, that job’s done.

Numbers 1:2 “Take a census of the whole Israelite community by their clans and families, listing every man by name, one by one.” Numbers 1:49 “You must not count the tribe of Levi or include them in the census of the other Israelites.”

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