My apologies to you for not showing here for the last two weeks. I had to go to Marysville, Washington, to help my siblings and other family members close out my mom’s estate. She passed in March and was buried April 6 in Everett, Washington. The first week I was there I helped go through many boxes and bags of things and get them ready for a yard sale. The sale was Aug. 6-8, but there was so much left that the siblings kept it going until noon on Aug. 14. I had to come home so I left Aug. 10. At the end, only one small load in a small pickup was hauled away. I had my laptop with me and tried several times to get an article ready. All information could be gathered by phone and online, but we were so busy. No time to visit either. I was working constantly. Only slept about six hours each night. So I hope that was excuse enough or reason enough to not get my work here done. I am sorry.

Anyway, when I got my lunch at our senior center last Thursday, there were some great freebies on a table, and I actually got a neat Bible game and some Splenda, and my lunch as two Site Council members were there to greet me and were taking donations for food and sharing conversation as well.

The coronavirus variants are here to complicate the first one. There are three or four of them; I forgot as they came so quickly. Please protect yourself from them. They can take your life. Several of my family members are stricken with them, and some are still in the hospital. This is serious stuff, people. Please take it seriously. My family members told me they would never take the vaccinations offered to them for free to protect them from this deadly disease. Now they are fighting for their lives. I am begging for all of us to protect all of us. It takes everyone, not just a few. Please, please, please don’t neglect this plea.

The weather is torturing all of us. This heat is unbearable for many; some have died from it. Protect yourself from getting too hot. It can damage your health also.

For lunch on Thursday, Aug. 19, and on Monday, Aug. 23, call 541-575-1825 to order it before 10 a.m. Pick it up between 11:30 a.m. and noon. Shay and his crew do their best to make sure every order is packaged and ready on time for you. Donations for lunch are $5 for all over 50 years old and $6 for all other ages. Be sure to eat, and thanks for supporting our senior center.

God’s promise to protect you and me:

Isaiah 43:2 “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee, when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”

MONUMENT—Our cooks prepared for us a meal of some hearty meatball sub sandwiches, with curly fries, macaroni salad and your choice of dessert. Terry Cade and Christy Howell did a fine job. We thank them very much for their service.

Bodean Anderson made the announcements, prayed the blessing over our meal and led us in the flag salute. Bob Cockrell and Jimmy Cole were at the table greeting the folks that came in to dine. Jan Ensign and her sister Susan Cavender counted up the money. Sylvia Cockrell served us the drinks.

We had 21 dining in and 34 takeouts. The cooks would appreciate if you would inform them that you would like to dine in as well as take food to-go. Lastly, Jimmy Cole, was the winner of the free meal ticket.

It felt weird dining in, for it had been over one year and half! I will not accept their so-called “new normal.” I thank and praise the Lord that we live out here in God’s country. The Lord has provided everything we need to live on this good earth. Jesus is my refuge and my fortress. In him will I put my trust and in him alone. His perfect love casts out all fear. In the Holy Scriptures, it says, “What can man do to me?” When the Lord is on our side, man can do nothing to us.

The Lord has blessed my little garden. I am suddenly seeing lots and lots of lemon cucumbers. Oh, yes, they are coming on really fast now. I have been enjoying a couple here and there, but now, I am going to get to share a whole bunch with friends! I had planted four plants in two big pots, and they are going crazy. I like that I did that, for it gives no room whatsoever for weeds to come up in between, for you know how I hate to weed. Ha.

I made the mistake of taking out a bunch of my lamb’s quarters among my onions and green onion plants. The cats and kittens decided to lay on the bed and totally crushed all the plants. Grr. And, yes, they are still trying to poop in my raised beds also. I have taken to placing rocks in those spots, for I don’t have enough plastic forks to stick in the dirt to poke them in the butt when they squat to do their business. Those pesky cats are driving me crazy. They have the whole stinking acreage to do their business, but oh no! They just have to poop in my raised beds.

One good thing about the cats, though: I don’t have any mice or pack rat problems. I believe they might be eating the nasty grasshoppers too. Those grasshoppers might have been the culprits that ate up my green bean plants.

I am thoroughly enjoying my zucchinis and lemon cucumbers. I have some peppers too and cooked the zucchini on the skillet with the peppers and onion, yummy.

Psalms 118:6 “The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?”

Did you have a “Roaring Good Time” at the fair? I managed to see the parade and walk through the pavilion. Got a chicken burger at someone’s booth and ate it while touring the exhibits. The Dayville community garners a round of applause from me for making a good showing in the parade. Thanks for coming!

Pam and Laura prepared a huge chef salad for our meal. Then they added a bunch of fruit with a luscious dip and a delicious brownie. Whew! Took two days to eat it all! I’m not sure if the container for the salad is reusable, but I washed it and took it back, just in case it is. Those take-out containers are really a large extra expense during this COVID-19 mess. We want to thank Ye Olde Thrift Shoppe for their most welcome donation this month. It is greatly appreciated and will help with the added container expense. Ginger and Carlos took care of the home deliveries, and Pam and Mary did the pick-up meals. Tom helped out wherever there was a need. We were able to dispense some gift certificates also. That hasn’t happened since March of 2020. A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has graciously donated enough money to purchase a number of gift certificates for meals at the Oxbow Restaurant in Prairie City. We will give them away during the month of August, so if you want to have a chance at getting one, just come to the hall and say so on Wednesday between 11:30 a.m. and noon. First come, first served! And thank you, generous person. This is a very nice thing to do for us.

Another very nice thing is happening at the ol’ hall: The prep for the new siding is moving along apace. Had to stop and make some repairs when it was discovered that a long-ago fire had damaged some of the foundation timbers. Oops. Appears to have happened when someone was thawing out the water pipes under the sink in the old kitchen. That would have been a very long time ago since the new kitchen was built in 1978. We are so thankful to have a contractor who spots these things and fixes them. When the two buildings were joined together back in the ‘40s, it wasn’t done properly either, so repairs had to be made there, also. When it all gets done, it will all be up to code and look so nice! Again, thanks to our generous donors who have made this upgrade possible.

Have been reading a book about a WWII submarine’s tour. When the men want to relax, they play a game called Acey Deucey. Asked several people if they knew what it was, but no one knew. Finally went to Hoyle, and this is what he said: “Acey Deucey is the favorite Backgammon game of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Merchant Marine.” “Backgammon may be the oldest game still played… In England the rules were codified by Edmund Hoyle around 1750.” After reading the rules, I think I’ll stay with pinochle…

I Corinthians 9:25 “Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”

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