JOHN DAY—On Aug. 20, we’ll have corn dogs, chips and salsa, fruit cups and cookies.

On Aug. 24, we’ll have chicken bacon tater tot casserole, veggie salad, bread and butter and peach crumb bars.

On Aug. 27, we’ll have Italian turkey melts, zuppa toscana soup, pasta salad and chocolate cream pie.

On Aug. 31, we’ll have pork chops with onion and mushrooms, veggies, dinner rolls and chocolate-mint whoopie pie.

We have some wonderful people who sponsor our Thursday meals. Thank you so much.

MONUMENT—Our cooks Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell prepared for us fish or chicken, big wedge potatoes, coleslaw and fruit tart for our dessert. I think we (as in my family and I) were all very hungry, for we gobbled down our food pretty quickly. I liked the fresh tartar especially. I even used it on my chicken strip. We thank the cooks for their efforts. Good meal, ladies.

There were 63 lunches that were served that day. Kristi Guimont did all the paperwork. Jan Ensign and Bob Cockrell counted the money. Bob delivered the meals to the waiting patrons in their cars. We really appreciate everyone’s help and also the support of the patrons in still purchasing the meals.

The hot weather that we have been having helped my little Korean melons grow a bit. I don’t know if I will get to harvest them before the weather changes, but one can be hopeful. They look really cute. One looks like a small green cantaloupe, the size of a large egg. They will turn bright yellow when they are ripe and ready to pick. The inside flesh is white, crispy and sweet.

I gave an Armenian cucumber plant to a friend, and she just got to harvest one recently. She did not see it for awhile and found it. She thought it was no good, for it was quite long, maybe 12 inches or more. I told her that the Armenian cucumbers were supposed to be long, and it was still good. She told me she really liked the taste. Yay, I am glad she enjoyed eating it. One of mine will be ready to harvest in a couple of days.

I harvested some spinach seeds, so I am going to plant some more at the end of the month. I hope to grow some so we can enjoy a small fall harvest. It is so nice to be able to grow your own food and not spend any money buying stuff from the store. It only takes some time and work. But it is quite satisfying to eat the fruit of your labor, literally. Ha.

I really miss our sewing get-togethers. I have been sewing some things on my own, but it is not the same as getting together with a bunch of other ladies who enjoy sewing also and sharing a meal and stories together while sewing. I did find some projects that I found on Youtube and the internet and tried sewing them. One of them was a zippered box bag with little handles.

The internet has all kinds of information. Seriously, you can learn just about anything if you don’t know. For example, how to change out your radio or replace a headlamp on your car, how to sew just about anything and more. Information at your fingertips, and in an instant you can find your answer. No need to go to the library to look up information. Scripture says that in the last days, knowledge will abound.

Daniel 12:3-4 “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

PRAIRIE CITY—I do believe that I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have missed attending the Grant County Fair. Kudos to those who had a part in some way to have something. Of course, this was the year I would have entered the sky-rocketing sunflower. Speaking of which, all have blossomed except the transplanted one, and it’s working on it. The other have an unusual pose: Three are pointed east, and one is pointing to the west. Hmmm. The bees are quite busy on their pollination duties on them, too. The stalks are as big around as my wrist. Good thing I didn’t fertilize them.

We had a chicken patty on a bun, stir-fried veggies, coleslaw and crème cake for our meal prepared by Laura, Travis and Tom. This was in memory of Willy Howell. The chicken patties were donated by Valeria from Chuck’s Little Diner. So even though we cannot have indoor, sit-down meals, we can still have donations to our entree program and receive excess food supplies from certified kitchens. We thank all who have given recently in this way. We didn’t have to use the swamp cooler today, but it might get turned on next week, according to the weather reports.

Two of the three metal doors that were installed over the last three years finally got a coat of paint on them. Whew. And it was oil-based paint to boot. Glad that job’s done. I am so glad that latex paint was invented. At least I didn’t get it in my hair. Used a little 4-inch foam roller and that cut down on the splatters considerably. Now what else can be done to the ol’ hall? Oh, there are lots of things that could be done. The question is which ones can I do in safety? Ahem. Stay tuned.

My eyelid surgery got postponed — again. But this time it was not due to COVID-19. The surgi-center is being fought over for jurisdiction by two competing governmental entities in Medicare. The doctors have been trying to resolve this for months, but no progress. So my doctor determined which of her patients could have the surgery in her office, and I was one. PTL. I just won’t have general anesthesia for the procedure. She will use local injections like you would get at the dentist’s office. That way I can eat my breakfast, snacks, lunch and drink beforehand. And won’t be woozy after the procedure. Hallelujah. Just be sure I am well “tranquilized” when I get there. Ahem, again. So two more weeks of droopiness. Such is life in the far, far west.

So we have a new handrail to the front step. All I have to do is remember that it is there. Set the sprinkler down and attempted to step up into the ramp. Ran right into the 2x6 that is hold the handrail. Oops.

We also have a new yard gate that will allow Derrol to back straight in to the yard and up to the shop from the alley. Won’t have to drag the big, long section of fence open to access the yard. Wow, we’re getting right “uptown.”

Revelations 21:12 “It had a great high wall with twelve gates, and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. ... The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. ... The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of one pearl.”

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