MONUMENT—Our cooks Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell prepared our lunch, which was Parmesan chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, and chocolate birthday cake for the last Tuesday of the month of July. We thank our cooks and appreciate them for their work and dedication.

Our usual volunteers were Kristi Guimont who filled out the paperwork. We had Bob Cockrell and Jan Ensign counting up the money. Sylvia Cockrell delivered the meals to the patrons at the door. Just FYI, there have been veggies that people have been bringing to share from their gardens, free for the taking, so help yourself.

Calling for prayers for Carrie Jewell and family. Her father, Bill Richards, passed away. His services will be held this Friday, Aug. 6. We send Carrie and her family love and prayers during this difficult time. May the Lord comfort them all with his great peace that surpasses all understanding.

So, I did not get to partake of the Monument senior lunch because I had to go to John Day to take a dog in for neutering. In fact, I had to go to John Day three days in a row. I had to leave the dog and pick him up the next day. On the third day, we took a bunch of cats to be spayed and neutered. I was exhausted from driving back and forth at the end of it all. I sure am glad that it has all been taken care of and over with. Until I can get four more of our male cats done that is. Normally they are all friendly and lovey dovey cats, but when they saw me putting their friends in those portable carriers, they suddenly “disappeared.”

I have a zucchini that is around 6 inches long and maybe almost 2 inches in diameter! Yay! I think I will be picking it in the next couple of days. I think I will give it to a friend as an offering of my firstfruits to the Lord. After all, everything belongs to him. I have long and round zucchinis growing.

I was looking around at my lemon cucumber plants and seeing a whole bunch of flowers. I picked up some leaves to look underneath, when lo and behold, three lemon cucumbers! Yes, and two of them were like the size of plums. I am super excited about those lemon cucumbers.

I am also seeing some tomatoes growing. In fact, I picked one, and I am going to serve it sometime this week. My peppers are doing very well too. It seemed, all of a sudden, everything just exploded. My potatoes too grew in one week, so much so that I had to add new dirt on the top.

I have been very careful about the wasps now. I was not happy at losing that battle with the wasp over that raspberry. Darn him. They have been devouring a lot of my raspberries, and that is just unacceptable. I must find away to get rid of them.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

PRAIRIE CITY—Things are a-happenin’ at the ol’ hall now! Repairs to the very old kitchen — circa 1940 — roof began in earnest today. Any resemblance to current code was purely coincidental. At least we get to save all the tin roofing. That will help!

Across the street to the south, another big project was a-happenin’. The old Cenex fuel tanks were being dug up and removed. Some will comment “Cenex?” Yes. Back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, there was an up and going store that was in place where the quilt shop used to be and where Levi Voigt has his engineering establishment now. They catered to the farm and ranch community with fuel, oil, tools, etc. Derrol drove fuel trucks for them then. I had to take photos of the operation, along with the hall goings on. Busy, busy.

We did have dinner! A great lunch of taco salad, pears, chips and dips and birthday cake provided by today’s sponsor Driskill Memorial Chapel. If you’ve never had a taco salad, this was what was in it: a huge taco shell loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, cheese and hamburger. Super good! Thanks to cook Pam and helpers Cindy and Tom. Pam Howard was at her place at the registration desk, Carla helped her get the pick-up meals to the customers and Gwynne, Carlos and Ginger took care of the home deliveries. And I am very pleased to report that we sent out 69 meals today! Whooppee!

Been watching the Olympics? The surfers and skateboarders had their first time being in the Olympics. It was very fitting that the surfer lady who won gold was from Hawaii — the place where surfing got started. My biggest complaint is the clothing that the females are required to wear. If the men can be clothed in mid-thigh shorts for volleyball and gymnastics, why not the women? And the suits for the diving for the women were atrocious! Why can’t they wear the same suits as the swimmers? Talk about double standard!

OK. Off that soapbox. And on to another one. What ad man thought it would be appropriate to play music while someone is trying to give an announcement about something? People have enough trouble hearing the announcement without having to sort it out form the music that is playing against it. Especially those of us with hearing aids. So much for that.

I was given some old history magazines from the ‘80s and have been finding out lots of things! Always wondered why Gen. Billy Mitchell was court-martialed. Wasn’t because he did something physically wrong. He just told the top brass that they were wrong! Some people just can’t take criticism.

Proverbs 19:25 “… rebuke a discerning man and he will gain knowledge.”

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