John DayDarlene and Greg were at the desk on Monday the 13th to check everyone in and share a smile and a chuckle. Darlene did the announcing and Bobbie Gilmore led the flag salute.

Members of the Lutheran Church and Stepping Up members delivered 34 fresh and 24 frozen meals to our local area and as far as Long creek. A special thanks to all of you. You are greatly appreciated by those who got the meals as well as all of us who appreciate helping others.

A sad piece of news was that Judy Bennetts husband passed away last week. Condolences to Judy and prayers and wishes for your future life.

Saturday Feb. 8 at 3 p.m. will be the time for the memorial service for Drew Harmer. The place will be Mt. Vernon Grange and the Mennonite church will be the officiates

The previously scheduled potluck for Veanne Weddle has been canceled.

The winners of the daily drawings were Jeanette Kyle (Lens) and Jean Willey (free meal).

Buzz Gilmore asked the blessing for our meal and then he and Bobbie and Jeanette Kyle of the Lutheran church served the meal to 28 attendees which was shrimp noodles in a delicious sauce, hot broccoli, cauliflower, peas and celery veggie mixture, green salad with dressing, rolls with butter, assorted beverages, and frosted brownies. Yum yum. Thanks servers for good friendly service.

Thanks everyone entering the building lately for your patience during the remodeling.

Thursday the 16th we found Darlene and Greg at the desk to check every lunch attender in and shared chuckles and smiles and chat if time. Darlene did the announcing and Margie Conley led the flag salute.

45 fresh and 20 frozen meals were delivered by Chap and Jeanie Day of Step Forward. The other couple scheduled to help were ill so thanks Chap and Jeanie for all your hard work and time to help others. You are greatly appreciated by all of us.

The winners of our drawings today were Elsie Huskey, Deeda Porter and Peggy Mulner. Congratulations to all three of you.

We were reminded of the service for Drew Harmer and the one for Veronica Flannery on Saturday at the Elks Lodge.

Before Sherry Feiger asked the blessing for our meal she told us about the creeping crud that is going around and some are getting really ill with it. Be cautious to stay warm, drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy. No one wants this crud and no one wants to see their friends or families have it. Be safe everyone.

After Sherry asked the blessing, she and other members of the Lutheran Church served a great meal, to 48 lunch attendees of spaghetti, green beans with mushrooms, green salad with dressing and cherry pie. Thanks Shay and crew for a great meal.

The entree was sponsored in memory of Curtis Perreira and a table of eight lunch-goers were present in his honor.

A thought to leave you with: The scriptures tell us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Monument— We got snow on the ground over here. It sure looks pretty, like diamonds glistening in the sunshine. Praise the Lord for all this moisture! We just have to drive slower and be careful going around the curves and take it easy.

Our great cooks Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell made roast pork, scalloped potatoes, carrots, dinner rolls, and chocolate cake for dessert. The roast pork sure looked juicy! We are most grateful for our cooks and how they feed us so well.

Our greeters at the front were Kristi Guimont, Ricki Doland, and Mia Yukawa (she is in training to help out while Jimmy Cole is on break). Kristi and Ricki, collected and counted the money. They wrote down the announcements. Bodean Andersen led the flag salute, made the announcements, and prayed the blessing over the meal.

There were 54 guests on the books and fourteen takeouts. We even had Katee Hoffman , her volunteer (sorry I can't recall his name) and her dog Finn joined us from John Day. She made the trek out through the snowy weather. We also had Dick and Pam Wanous from Spray join us for lunch too.

There was a door prize raffle for a set of BBQ tools and the winner of that was Maralee Turley of Kimberly. The winner of the free meal tickets were Ricki Doland and Bruce Strange. Olivia Hoodenpyl was the lucky winner of the Len's Drug gift card. We thank all our sponsors for their generous support.

We are sad to inform all that "Augie" AKA Steve Devine of Monument passed away. We send our condolences to his family and pray for the Lord to comfort them during this time of loss. I don't have any other information at this time.

The food bank has new hours, please make a note of it. The time that the food bank will be open is from 11am- 1pm.

Shawna Clark will be coming to see patients on Wednesday, Jan. 29. If you would like to see her, please call to make an appointment. She will be seeing patients at the Monument senior center.

Let's keep lifting up our prayers for Jimmy Cole and Aaron Harris. Our God is faithful and the Lord delights in the prayers of His children. Let us pray with faith and belief that God still hears and answers our prayers, hallelujah!

We got quite a bit of snow on one of the days that I was out. I had my minivan and coming up my mountain road was a little nerve wracking. There was a good 4 to 5 inches of fresh snow on the road. There is one stretch of the road where it is climbing I think at like 45 degrees. I barely made it up to the peak. I was praying really hard. Praise God that someone had gone through the road before me and I was able to follow their tracks. I don't think I would have made it otherwise and of course the Lord's help. Thank You Jesus.

Psalm 4:5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD.

Prairie City- The Christmas decorations have been replaced by snowflakes all over the Hall. We were instructed to count the snowflakes and the table that had the correct number was served first. Uh huh. And it turned out that Ron Philips was a good counter ‘cause his table won the privilege. (There were 27- on the walls, stage, Entry, Piano… and ceiling! Tom had fun with that one!) Then I found a book in the library that was titled Favorite Poems or something like that. So we were able to find a poem about --- What else? ---SNOW! Speaking of which, I want to publicly thank the City of Prairie City for plowing off our parking areas. It is fervently appreciated!

So back to business: Ron Philips led the flag salute and Jack Retherford asked the blessing. The gift certificate donated by Chuck’s little diner went to Ben Richardson. Ginger announced that the Census people are still looking for a lot more people. They would like to have a pool of ninety to pick from. It is good money- $16.00 per hour plus 58 cents a mile. Dave Rose joined us to answer more questions about the job.

Ginger also announced that a memorial service for Drew Harmer will be held on Feb. 8, at 3 P.M.,at the Mt. Vernon Grange.

Today’s entrée was furnished in memory of Blaine Kendall. We were served at our tables, too, because the dishes would have been too heavy and awkward for us to carry. And we were served vegetable beef soup, French bread, fruit cup, and a brownie. Just what was needed on this chilly day! Good Job ladies. Lorna and Krystin brought Marilyn Randall and Rita Williams from the Blue Mountain Care Center.

One of the sayings that Tom found was this: If you are going around in circles, maybe its because you cut to many corners, Tee Hee. Which is easy to do on our slick roads right now. Huh? The snow certainly helped the basins summer water outlook. Went from 50% to 90% in two weeks! Bet the garden catalogs will be arriving soon…..

Derrol’s therapy is coming along nicely. He was able to resume his check-signing duty. And drive all the way to Baker City and back. Think he’ll make it by lawn mowing season…. Doesn't have to worry about shoveling snow either, ‘cause that’s a big no-no at this point. So far I have managed to sweep and use the snow scooper with no problem. I am super glad that we don't have to go back to bend until the end of February for his check-ups!

Ps. 147:8,16-18 He covers the sky with clouds; He supplies the earth with rain… He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes. He hurls down His hail like pebbles. Who can withstand His icy Blast? He sends His word and melts them; He stirs up His breezes, and waters flow.

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