JOHN DAY—I have news! I don’t know your name. I’m ready to sit down with friends and have a wonderful lunch and draw names for door prizes and, yes, the silent auction. Wow, I saw one of the auction pieces and thought I needed to bid on that! I thought about making up stories to fit if we were there, but names slip my mind. Aren’t you glad I remember by person? I do miss you all.

Well here it is going on July. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe through the Fourth.

On July 2, we’ll have bacon-wrapped hot dogs with grilled onions, mac salad, birthday cake. The cake is from Driskill Memorial Chapel. Thanks from us all.

On July 6, we’ll have krab roll hoagie, clam chowder, potato chips and lemon pound cake.

On July 8, we’ll have smoked sausage personal pizza, minestrone soup, relish dish and cowboy cookies, sponsored by Claws & Paws Pet Sitting. Thanks for your sponsorship.

We want to thank you all for ordering your lunches through us. Shay says it has doubled. We want to let you know how much we all appreciate your remembering us.

Stay safe.


The lunch served for the past Tuesday was sweet and sour meatballs over rice, a green salad and cookies for dessert. We thank the cooks, Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell, for always working hard to serve us good food. I did not get our lunch for I had too many leftovers in the fridge and had to eat that before they went bad and got wasted. I had to make some room in the fridge. We recently cleaned out our fridge, and I’ve been really, really trying to keep it clean, you know? But sometimes food containers get pushed to the back, and then it gets lost, and you find it later, and it is just nasty. I hate it when you can’t stuff your fridge anymore because it is in disarray. Ha.

The usual suspects who took care of things at the senior center to make sure all is running smoothly were Kristi Guimont, who did all the paperwork. Jan Ensign and Bob Cockrell counted the money. Aubreianna Osborne delivered the meals to the waiting patrons. It is nice to have everyone working together to give good service to all who help to support our senior center by getting the takeouts. We thank everyone for their work volunteering to support our senior center too!

Things are quiet here in Monument. That is a good thing. It is so nice to not have drama and one can just live peacefully over here. I was walking outside a bit, and I could smell the pine. It smelled so good. I can smell it sometimes, and sometimes I can’t, strange right?

I think I had like 30 straightneck yellow zucchini come up. I put some in little pots and took them to church. I distributed them to whomever wanted them. One young gentleman was really happy, for he told me he had gone to John Day to get some seeds and was disappointed to find nothing. I told him I had more zucchinis if he wanted and lots and lots of tomato starts too. Hopefully it won’t be too late to grow them. The volunteer plants I am sure will do nicely since they are hardy. I think I will give him some of my potato starts as well. My hubby bought some for me from Pioneer Feed, and I don’t think I have a place to plant them all so I will share — 12 pounds each of red and yellow potatoes are just way too much.

My raspberries are going to be ripening soon. I can’t wait. Oh, the anticipation of eating juicy, plump and sweet berries. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. We are truly so blessed by the Lord for his provision. He is our great creator. You see his creativity, his thoughts when you study and observe all around. Just the raspberry alone is a marvel of his power, those individual little pods of sweetness and seed in a little bundle and so tasty in our mouths.

Psalm 40:4 “Blessed is hat man that maketh the LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.”


Boy is Grant County living up to our weather mantra: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. First flood, then 100 degrees, now the freezing level is down to 6,000 feet! Just remember this is the place that it snows on the Fourth of July parade! Guess that won’t have a chance to happen this year — boo, hiss — as Alec Trebek says. Son No. 1 and family are planning on coming over the Fourth of July weekend.

They were going to come at Easter, but we all know what happened to those plans. So, hopefully nothing else will interfere.

The ensemble had to postpone their Easter presentation too. Hope to do it on July 26. Wonder if we will still be doing a Facebook live stream? Now don’t get nervous people. Just pray.

We served lasagna, green salad, roll and cake for the last meal of June 2020. And we got such a large serving of lasagna that dinner was ready on Thursday too! Hey, I like that. We also had extra in the takeout bag, thanks to the Prairie City Food Bank. They had extra boxes of apples and oranges that would not keep another month, so we were the happy recipients of their largess. Thanks so much, Chip and crew. And we had another one of those menu items that was subject to change: the birthday cake supplied every month by Driskill Memorial Chapel got held up in the road work so some of us had to eat left-over cake. Gosh, isn’t that terrible?! Hey, any cake I don’t have to bake is good! And any meal I don’t have to cook is good! Thanks to our able cooks Laura and Laura and helper Tom. Pam was at her post along with Carole and Carla to make sure all the paperwork and deliveries out the door were taken care if in an efficient manner. We thank Carlos and Luann for doing the home deliveries. If you cannot get to the center, just call and a meal will be brought to you.

Got back to the overgrown iris bed and finished yanking out everything. Was able to get one of the un-draining containers transplanted. Found out why it would not drain — the gravel I put in for drainage wasn’t doing it’s job. Had too much dirt in it. Hmm. Guess I’ll put the remainder in a hole in the road someplace.

Attempted to put the table top back on the leg-frame and get it even on all sides. Har, har. The leg-frame is not square, so have to fudge here and there. Other than that, that project is coming along nicely. Derrol is tired of stepping over and around all the parts on the floor of the shop. Maybe by next week he’ll have his shop back.

Discovered another strange flower among the Hollyhocks and Sweet Williams on the east side of the house. Beautiful pink bell-shaped flowers on a long stem. I’ve seen it in the garden catalog, but of course that piece of paper is long gone. Hope it goes to seed and reproduces more in that spot!

The garden is coming along nicely. Even spotted two blossoms on the cherry tomato plants! Whooppee!

Proverbs 15:15 “… the cheerful heart has a continual feast.”

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