MONUMENT—Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell made us a lovely lunch of chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, green salad and a cookie for our dessert. I ate it all. Thank you, ladies, for a job well done. I miss seeing them and all the people who came out to our senior center lunch. I think we should be able to meet up again soon. It has been well over a year now, and I am praying that this is over.

Kristi Guimont filled out the paperwork. Bob Cockrell and Jan Ensign counted up the money. Sylvia Cockrell handed out the meals at the door. We still have lots of people coming out to pick up their meals and COVID-19 has not stopped us from doing some of our activities, thank goodness. We thank all our volunteers for their time and service.

Sorry, I forgot to remind you all about the time change. It crept up on me, and I did not prepare for it. I will say it again, the springing forward is not my favorite time at all. I found out that we here in the U.S. are the only ones who do this. Did you know that? The rest of the world does not participate in the springing forward of the time change. Hmm, that should say a lot, don’t you think? If the spring forward is so wonderful, why isn’t the whole rest of the world going along with it?

So, I had Frita in the goat shed locked up for almost three weeks, and she still had no babies. Well, I decided to let her out, and stood there in the goat pen watching everyone. Bonnie came over and started to challenge Frita. The others came over to sniff her. The most incredulous thing that happened, though, was seeing Marianne come over to Frita, sniff her bag and then try to suck on one of her teats! I was so shocked! Seriously?

What could I do? Back into the goat shed she went, and I locked up Frita again. I was afraid that Marianne might drink up the colostrum before the babies were born. Well, it was a good thing I did, because Frita had her babies that night, early morning. She had triplets. Unfortunately, one of the babies must have wandered off and fell in the rubber water tub and drowned, froze to death. Very sad. It was the only male. The other two of Frita’s babies are females.

One of the girls is a little wobbly on her legs and a little weak. She must have been born last and was the runt. She is improving presently. Her sister, on the other hand, is feisty and frisky. She is moving and jumping around. The little doelings are tiny. They are even smaller than when Squirt was born! They are just adorable, and I have yet to name them. I think I might name the weaker sister, Darla. I don’t know about the other one yet.

Psalms 40:5 “Many O LORD my God, are Thy wonderful works which Thou has done, and Thy thoughts which are to usward: They cannot be reckoned up in order unto Thee: If I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.”


Boy does the week go by so fast when you have day surgery and you sleep most of the days afterwards. So as you know St. Patrick’s Day is today, so be sure to wear your green!

On March 18, we’ll have baked potato bar with chili, chips and salsa with cookies for dessert, sponsored by Balbina an John Esuedero, in memory of Helen Bogart.

On March 22, we’ll have barbecue ribs, potato salad, corn, dinner rolls and walnut brownies.

Remember to call by 11:00 a.m. to noon to order and pick-up at the back door: 541-575-1825. May you have a safe an wonderful week.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

PRAIRIE CITY—Hey! I hit the jackpot today! This was National Landline Phone Day! Why? Because on this day in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call. Now you know. And who knows, the landline may make a remarkable return just like record players and typewriters have.

Last week I was musing about the acronyms that cellphone texters use and what should be a category on Jeopardy that night but such acronyms! So I wrote down what they had: MYOB — mind your own business; JAS — just sec; FWIW — for whatever it’s worth; NSFW — not safe for work; IRL — in real life. But they didn’t have the one I found in the crossword puzzle: TTFN. Could it be ‘Till Further Notice? But that leaves one T unidentified. Help!

Then contrast all that with the books that were written years ago. They had pages and pages of descriptions of the scenery around the action. I finally got so that I would just skip all that to get to the dialogue. I vaguely remember doing that while reading “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Someone told me that the reason the authors did that was because most people had not traveled much and so welcomed descriptions of the country, city, streets, houses, wardrobes, etc. Now we’re down to acronyms — ‘cause everybody has a cell phone, right?

Time to get off that soapbox. Head cook Pam, assistant cook Laura and helper Tom put together a tasty meal of pan pizza, green salad with a dressing package, a banana smoothie by Tom and (hurray!) a chocolate chip cookie. Now that meal covered all the bases of nutrition and flavors and textures. Carlos took care of the home deliveries, and Carla took care of the pick-ups. Pam did her duties at the registration desk. I’m sure others pitched in to do whatever was necessary in the absence of both Ginger and I for medical appointments. Thanks to all for your contribution. This meal’s entree was provided by a donation from the Carrie Young Memorial. Thank you so much.

So here we are in the changeover month of March. The seasons, the time, the school terms — and the birds! They are just singing their little heads off. After the previous year’s woes, it is so wonderful to hear them going on about their business. The troubles of the world have no bearing on their personal cycles: hatch, mate, reproduce, die. And they do it with music! Maybe we could take a cue.

Revelations 5:12-14 “In a loud voice they sang: Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise! Then I heard every creature...singing: To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power for ever and ever! … Amen…”

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