MONUMENT—Here we are in May. Hope the mamas out there had a good Mother’s Day celebration with their families. My two little ones have been “writing and printing” their own little newspaper. They made a copy and sent that to one of their grandmas. It’s good to let their little creative juices flow and write. That is how they sometimes keep busy.

Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell made 60 takeout lunches for the first Tuesday of the month of May. They made us some yummy pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, french fries and cookies for dessert. I did not put the cookie straight on my toaster oven rack this time. I instead opted to put the cookie on a small tray and toasted it. Unfortunately, this time I burned the cookie, so I couldn’t eat my cookie again.

Kristi Guimont and Jan Ensign did all the paperwork and counted the money. Sylvia Cockrell collected the money from everyone who came to pick up their lunch. Aubreianna Osborne delivered the lunches to the awaiting patrons. We thank everyone, along with our cooks, for their part and time. Yup, Monument Senior Center is not slowing down in their service to feed the community.

During this quarantine, my family and I found this “pay it forward” movie show series to watch. I don’t fully understand all the details of how the people pay for the episodes to be made, but it is available for free to watch on Youtube. It is an awesome series. The title of the show is called, “The Chosen.” We have been enjoying watching it on Sunday mornings during our church time at home. If you haven’t seen it, go and check it out, for it is well worth your time.

We got some hot temperatures this week, and I actually got a little burned. I was outside visiting with some friends and standing in the hot sun. I did not realize how long I had been in the sun, and now I have a farmer’s tan on my arms, grrr. I shall have to wear tank tops to get some color on the rest of my arms. Ha. Did you know that, in Korea, it is a shame to be tan? Their perception of beauty is to be chalk white. Yuck, I don’t think so. Who wants to look all pasty and pale? Not me.

Since the temperature seems to be rising, I think I shall be able to plant some Asian long green beans. These beans are going to be super long. By long, I mean they are going to be like 18 inches long or more! My mouth is watering just thinking about sautéed green beans. I found this young Chinese girl on Youtube who goes around harvesting from her garden and foraging in the forest and making all sorts of wonderful food, and it is very inspiring. She was growing those really long green beans, and it is motivating me to grow them too.

Psalm 145 “The LORD sustains all who fall, and raises up all who are bowed down.”

PRAIRIE CITY—I was sitting in front of the computer keyboard waiting for inspiration to strike, when I noticed a key that I never use. It has “Fn” on it in blue. Wonder what that means. And there are two of them — one on each side. Hmmm. If I push it, I’ll probably lose something important, so I won’t. I’m just happy that I can type this missive and get it printed — usually.

Got the paint layers off the table and started sanding. But had to stop and take care of the seedlings. The table is now holding the transplanting pots.

The garden is almost done being weeded. Was working on a flower bed next to the house when I discovered a little violet all by its lonesome, growing among the hollyhocks. Have no recollection of planting it there, but these days that doesn’t mean anything. So I put a little fence around it so the happy handyman and his weed eater won’t mow it down! Hope the deer don’t like it either.

We had steak today for our entree provided by an anonymous donor to our entree program. This meal was to honor the memory of GeorgeAnn Williams, who was the senior programs coordinator for many years. Cook Laura asked her friend Lyn Ostenson to come and grill the steaks outside in the parking lot. Had to find a place out of the wind, too! So between them and assistant cook Laura, helper Tom and deliverer Carlos, everything was done and boxed up and ready to go out the door by 11:30 a.m.

To go with the steak, we had a baked potato, coleslaw, bread slice and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Now that’s what I call a good ol’ country west meal. There were 54 boxes that went out the door either by delivery or pick-up. Good job, people. Thanks to all for all you do! And thanks to all who come and pick up their meal. May your tribe increase!

We have a couple of medical appointments out of the area in the coming weeks. But what I would really like to have is a haircut! I had an appointment to get one in March — the day after the stay-at-home order was imposed. So you can imagine that I’m getting a little frowzy. It has been many a year since my hair was this long. It is not nearly as heavy now, due to age-related thinning (ahem), but it is still uncomfortable. Please, please open the salons!

Stopped by the John Day Senior Center to turn in my monthly report and — holy cow! That is quite the renovation job going on. Isn’t it interesting how we plan and construct a building, then 10 to 20 years later someone else comes along and makes all kinds of changes? The term on HGTV is updated, I believe. We get a big kick out of their “open concept” house plans. That’s the way our present home was designed way back in the ‘40s! Wonder who that was? He was way ahead of his time!

Ecclesiastes 3:1a, 3:3b “There is a time for everything...” “...a time to tear down and a time to build...”

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