MONUMENT—I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day it is, let alone what month we are in. I can’t believe we are now in the month of May! Anybody else having the same problem? The days seem to just mesh together. Good thing we have calendars to tell us what day it is. Imagine being like Robinson Crusoe, having to mark each day.

Our usual suspects were on duty for our Tuesday lunch pickup. Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell made yummy meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, dinner rolls and cake with vanilla frosting. A most satisfying meal, I must say, so we thank our cooks. There were a total of 54 takeouts. Kristi Guimont and Jan Ensign did the paperwork and counting the money. Bob Cockerell collected the money from the people pulling into the parking lot, and Aubreianna delivered the meals to them in their cars. We thank everyone for their time and volunteer work.

There isn’t too much to write about, since there is nothing else going on that I am aware of. If you have any news to share, shoot me an email and maybe I can share on my article. I’d appreciate that. The email is Or you can just email me and say hello.

Well, I’ve been finding patches of lamb’s quarters aka “pigweed.” They are still small, young and tender, so I have only been able to gather a little at a time. So when I make it, everyone in my family basically gets like literally one mouthful. Ha.

I just wash them, blanche them in hot, boiling water for like 30 seconds, then spoon them out. I then proceed to rinse them with cold water to stop it from cooking too much. Then I gather a handful and squeeze out all the water. I then put them in a bowl and loosen from the balls. I just pour a little sesame oil, add some salt to taste and some garlic powder, with some roasted sesame seeds. You mix it all up in a bowl and there you have it, a very tasty, healthy vegetable side dish with no cost except the for the seasoning. Remember, that the lamb’s quarters is considered a super food and is loaded with lots of good vitamins for you. I’m sure you will have no trouble finding any around here, for it seems they grow in abundance everywhere. Just make sure you know it is lamb’s quarters.

I have some pak choi growing in one raised bed. They are wee tiny things right now, but I am sure I will be able to harvest them in a few weeks, for it does not take them very long to grow. I will just keep planting continuously in that bed all throughout the summer and have a flow of them. They are very yummy sautéed in a skillet or fry pan with some fresh minced garlic, salt and olive oil. Of course, all these I eat with steamed rice.

Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death.”

PRAIRIE CITY—Once more, we went into the breach and did our deliveries and pick-ups. I don’t know about you, but I am sure getting tired of this! Guess I better take another tranquilizer.

We were treated to corn beef, goulash with noodles, radishes, potato salad, pears and birthday cake delivered by Amber on behalf of Driskill Memorial Chapel. Certainly filled up the empty tummy with good tasting edibles. And each picker-upper got a grocery bag filled with items from far away that a generous donor had delivered to our doors. Thank you so much, dear one. The bag held some potatoes, apples, a loaf of bread or English muffins and a box of matzo crackers. What a great surprise for us! Happy May Day! Thanks again.

We went to a store (that will remain nameless) and discovered that someone has finally found out how to arrange the restroom. I was so pleased to note that the soap dispenser is over the wash basin and the paper towel dispenser is over the waste basket. Eliminates a lot of mess. I know of one store’s restroom (which again will remain nameless) that has the soap dispenser on the wall and when you wave your hand, it does give you soap, but when you pull your hand away, it squirts out another dollop, which then runs down the wall and onto the floor — next to the door. Oops.

Then there is the issue of bags. After “they” got us all trained to take our own reusable bags to the store, now you can’t due to the virus. But if you can get it all in the cart and out the door, you can put your items in your bags. See any flaws in this picture? Oh, the problems of modern life!

Which brings up the phone. I was going to use my new cellphone the other day, opened it up and it said I had a low battery and should plug in the charger. That made me unhappy because I had already charged the thing two times that week! And I don’t use it hardly at all! So in discussing this with other cellphone aficionados, I was told that due to all the use of the internet, etc., at this time the cellphones were having to work harder to find their signal, so they run out of battery power sooner. Well, I know how to help that situation: I got mine charged up and turned it off. Now we’ll see how long the charge lasts. (Saw a title that explains me: I’m an analog in a digital world.)

Got some garden seeds planted in the little seed starter kit, and they are coming up already! It is just fascinating to see that little speck of life emerge and lean toward the sun. Better turn the tray around, huh? I was glad that they were all indoors when the hailstorm came by April 29. Cleaned the vehicles off again. Hooray!

Finally got the 30-plus-year-old refinishing project done, too. So immediately started another. (You have to do something to keep your sanity!) We got an old Forest Service lookout kitchen table years ago. We use it in the shop now. But the paint was peeling to reveal several different colors, so I’m in the process of removing the old paint layers. The table was made in the ‘40s, at least, and it was well made! Plan to just stain and varnish it.

Exodus 25:10, 11 “Have them make a chest of acacia wood… and overlay it with gold...”

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