JOHN DAY—Well, here I am lying in the hospital bed with a broken hip, thinking how nice it would be to sit and visit with everyone.

On Oct. 15, we’ll have Polish sausage an sauerkraut, potatoes and peach pecan cake.

On Oct. 22, we’ll have ham and scalloped potatoes and blackberry pie.

Stay safe.

MONUMENT—Our cooks, Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell, have been diligently cooking yummy meals for all us folks here in Monument and nearby areas like Spray. Did you know that folks from Spray come all the way over to Monument for takeout meals? Crazy, huh? Well, that just tells you how good our food is! Apparently, the previous lunch served 82 takeouts. This past lunch was 64 takeouts served. Our fabulous cooks made us some tasty Philly cheese sandwiches, big wedge fries, pasta salad and a custard cake. I ate mine all up. We thank our cooks for our delicious meal.

Kristi Guimont filled out the paperwork. Bob and Sylvia Cockrell collected and counted the money. Sylvia had the takeout boxes ready to hand out at the door. I think they have a good system there. I would prefer, as I believe everyone else, that we get to come back to the senior center and have our meals together. Let’s keep praying for that as we continue to seek the Lord’s face.

There is going to be a small rummage sale that is going to be held outside on the porch of the senior center on Saturday, Oct. 24. This will be just winter clothes. Since we are heading into fall/winter, the board figures that people will need some warm clothes. I believe that it will be donations being accepted for the clothes, since there will not be set prices.

Praise the Lord and hallelujah for the rain we received! Did you all get that nice soaking rain? My whole family and I were rejoicing that we didn’t have to water the garden! Ha. I think I will have to pick all my green tomatoes very soon. I don’t know if I even have any potatoes; the bugs were just feasting on the leaves. I guess I will have to find out when I dig.

Well, I have some sad news. Little Joey did not make it. I don’t know if he got enough colostrum either, or if I fed him too much? I was very sad, but at the same time a little relieved to tell you the truth. Taking care of baby goat kids is hard work!

I had a few days break from caring for baby goats when I found one of the set of triplets in a pipe crying (of course it was during the rainy day). Luckily, I managed to get her out. I had to bring her into the house and feed her for she was too weak to nurse on her mama. I gave her some antibiotics and fed her little by little. Good news was that she recovered, and I returned her to her mama the next day.

Then, I had to rescue another baby from a different triplet set. I found him a couple days earlier crying in the shed, and he had the same hay sticking out of his mouth a couple hours later. So, I picked him up and pulled it out. To be continued.

Galatians 5:24 “And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

PRAIRIE CITY—Raindrops keep falling on my head. Hooray! Got the garden project done before the rain came. Hallelujah! First time that has occurred in I don’t know how long. And the grandsons found the benchmark post! PTL. Now, how to keep it visible without interfering with the garden growth is the next problem. One thing at a time. One of the places that was cleaned out in the garden project was under and around the 200-gallon propane tank. And I was amazed at the quality of the dirt under that tank! If my whole garden was that kind of dirt I would be in “hog heaven!” How come under there? That was the same kind of yard soil as the rest of the yard — a thin layer of soil over tailings. I find it hard to believe that the worms did that good of a job in the last eight years! Another one of those conundrums.

One thing that was not a conundrum was our meal today. We enjoyed shepherd’s pie (that includes mashed potatoes, veggies and hamburger), a green salad with lots of other veggies, a roll, a banana smoothie and lemon bar for dessert. Umm, umm. After my week of hard yard work, this was most appreciated! Good job, Laura, Laura and Tom. Ginger and Pam did their usual duties, and Tom went with Carlos on the deliveries. We had more tomatoes to give away, thanks to Ben Richardson. Some are starting to turn, and some are still green, so come and get ‘em. You’ve heard of fried green tomatoes. Have you ever eaten any? Just can’t bring myself to do it.

We had a new project appear when Joel gave us back an old homemade utility trailer. It had taken a beating through 10 years or so that we and he had used it. And the paint scheme was interesting. So we got a gallon of porch paint and gave it a new look. Almost got the whole thing covered in two coats of paint before it rained. Have only the tailgate to get another coat on. Whew.

Am writing this on another interest date: 10-10-2020. I don’t know why numbers fascinate me so, since I am not very good at math. But music is also very mathematical, so there you go.

Just looked up how to spell conundrum. The definition says it is a riddle involving a pun. Huh. Guess I have been using it wrong for a long time. The bigger dictionary says definition two is any puzzling question or problem. Aha! The synonym is mystery. So I was correct! Well, that made my day.

Colossians 1:26, 27 “… God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hop of glory.”

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