John Day seniors -- Apology: As much as we try to be positive and say things positively, there are times when it just doesn’t happen like we want it to. Speaking about folks that have reasons why they don’t want to be vaccinated for the Covid 19 or for religious reasons or their physician says it will interfere with medicines they are taking already. It was a mistake to say they were unwilling. My daughter’s dr. says she should not take the vaccination because it will interferre with her cancer medication. As it was typed and sent, I knew it was incorrect but it was too late to take it back and it has been on my mind every day since.

Giving Thanks: 1st Community Bank and Ethan Harvey have donated half of a beef to our John Day Senior Center.

The County Food Bank has donated 100 pounds of ground beef to our John Day Senior Center.

Bryan Hubbard of Grubstake donated a large amount of prime rib to our John Day Senior Center.

A big THANK YOU to all three of you. Our community will appreciate this food as much as our cooks that prepare it for meals.

The Chamber of Commerce just gave us two cases of hospital-style masks, so if you do forget yours, we will have one for you. Masks are mandated, so we all need to comply. Thank you, Chamber of Commerce folks, for this help.

Many of our lunch-goers are anxious to get together for lunch to visit and see everyone again. COVID-19 is still causing issues with that, AGAIN! The center is beginning preparations to have cleaning done and volunteers scheduled so we will be ready in a moment when we get the word that we can meet together. In the meantime, we are still making the to-go meals and delivering fresh and frozen meals to many in our community.

Do you have an extra hour or two you could help with some tasks at the center?

Volunteers are needed; we need you. Going with a driver to deliver meals so the driver doesn’t have to always get in and out with the meals and turn the vehicle off really helps out and is such great satisfaction for you. Angie has a list of things we need done and you may be able to complete that list. Thanks for giving it some thought. Call the same number as below and you will be directed to the one that knows what’s on that list.

This Thursday, Oct. 7, and Monday, Oct. 11, be sure to call (541) 575-1825 early in the morning to reserve your lunch and then pick up at 11:30 to noon.

The dishes your food is dished up in are more expensive than some but are dishwasher-proof, microwave-proof and freezer-proof, so it would be appreciated if you could return them to the center for reuse. They are sturdier, too, so the lids stay on them better.

Thanks for helping out and being economical.

Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Monument — Our cooks, Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell, made us a new dish. They made some creamy lemon chicken, roasted carrots, brown rice, and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was a very delicious meal. I think my stomach must have shrunk because I did not go back up for seconds. We thank our cooks for their efforts and we appreciate them very much.

Our greeters at the table were Bob Cockrell and Jan Ensign. They also counted up the money. Kristi Guimont filled out the paperwork. Sylvia Cockrell delivered the to-go meals to the patrons who came to pick up their lunch. Bob led us in the flag salute, and yours truly prayed the blessing over the meal.

Charles, uncle to Terry Cade, was the winner of the free meal ticket. We had Judi Bustardo, Jean Hammel, Ellen Mann, and Shirley Johnson (from the Dalles) join us for lunch from Spray. It was nice to have visitors from other towns.

Belle is growing and is a very independent and sassy little goat. She loves to hang out with all our kitties. I have trained her to walk on a leash. She is sometimes stubborn and I have to drag her a little to get going. She loves to walk down the driveway with me. It is a hoot to watch her hop sideways, kick her hind legs, and jump like a bunny rabbit.

One day I decided to take Belle down to see the rest of the goats in the goat pen, and so we went to pay a visit. Bonnie, her mama, came over while I was watching Belle and squatting in the shade. Bonnie came over to sniff me, and I was like, I don’t have your other babies. I then saw Belle’s little brother and went and picked him up and noticed he was very light and skinny compared to Bonnie and his older brother. That was when I noticed he had hay sticking out of his mouth! Same incident like Davey last year!

I was suspicious about Scotty (that is the name we gave him). I took him over to Bonnie and tried to put him under her bag and she jumped away, twice. Bonnie had rejected poor little Scotty. He was stuffing himself with hay because he was hungry. So I immediately took him up to the house and gave him some milk. I now have two baby goats in my house.

Scotty was moving very slowly at first and was acting lethargic, but since I have been feeding him for a couple of days, he is running and trying to jump and hop like his sister Bonnie.

He is a very sweet and mellow goat. He likes to sit in my lap and is content, unlike his sister. Belle will not sit on my lap; she is always curious and into everything. I feed Belle and Scotty in the morning and then take them to the goat pen to hang out there during the day.

Colossians 2:9-10 For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the godhead bodily. And ye are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

Prairie City --

As Professor Higgins said, “We did it! We did it! We thought we could and said we would and now, and even though it was six months late … we did it!”

Uh-huh. So what was all that about? The Ensemble presented their Easter compilation … on Oct. 3. Whew. With all the unsettling things that have happened this year, we persevered and got it done. After all, every Sunday is a celebration of the Resurrection, so it was still appropriate!

We also got the Missoula Children’s Theatre production accomplished, too. To put that kind of show on in just five days is a remarkable feat. Kudos to all the sponsors who made it possible for it to take place.

Our meal for the last Wednesday of September was ravioli, scalloped corn, coleslaw, a breadstick, and TA DA — birthday cake supplied by Driskill Memorial Chapel. Thank you so much for providing the cake each month. We truly appreciate it. Thanks also to Pam at the registration desk, Ginger, Gwynne, Mary, Carlos, and Del for their help in delivering here and yon. It is also appreciated. So now I have just one more big thing to attend to — the 60th celebration on the 16th. I found the guest book, so it will be waiting for your signature.

We had some of the peas from our garden that I froze a while back. My, were they ever good! Now if I can just get the carrots and beets to grow next year!

Here is a statement that I had never heard before in response to being asked to do something: “I haven’t got enough bandwidth for that.” Now, that’s a modern version for not enough time, energy, etc. to take on another task. I thought it was a very neat way of saying it. Then I got to thinking (uh-oh, watch out) about all the wireless stuff that people have that is able to retrieve just what they are seeking from the “cloud.” (Reminds me of the cartoon: Moses was the first person to have a cloud connection.) Then you throw in the cellphones and normal radio broadcasts, the TV channels, the CB radios, satellites surrounding the earth all sending out their signals ad infinitum … how does one little burst of electrical energy ever find its way to the proper receiver? In the good ol’ days, you turned the dial. Now, you swipe.

Beam me up, Scotty.

I receive the Viking River Cruises catalog — why? Have no idea. Anyway, in looking through it, you have the description of the different cruises and their prices: $2,500 to $25,000. Derrol said he’d have to pick up a lot of recyclable cans if we wanted to go on one …

In other news, did you know that there are about 49 million people worldwide who are blind and another 250 million who are visually impaired? Each language has its own Braille alphabet. A complete Braille Bible consists of 40 large books.

Matthew 15:31 “The people were amazed when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled made well, the lame walking and the blind seeing. And they praised the God of Israel.”

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