PRAIRIE CITY – The first thing is to make a correction in last week’s column: the spinning wheel was 4 feet in diameter, not 4 inches.

The next is to pray for healing for our librarian. She hasn’t been able to get to the hall for a few weeks, and her “cup runneth over” with books. A couple of interesting ones I saw included a 2009 PHS annual and a 1920 world atlas. And everything in between. So, help yourself.

Our May 14 servers were Jean Kline, Julia Davis and Ginger Kendall. Buzz led the flag salute, and Bob McCauley asked the blessing. Buzz also won the $5 in trade from Prairie Hardware and Gifts.

I think we celebrated Cinco de Mayo – better late than never, right? Iva and crew prepared grape juice, corn chips and salsa, enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans, watermelon and peaches, and rhubarb/raspberry cobbler with ice cream. A mucho bueno comida – a very good lunch.

The Blue Mountain Care Center ladies, Lorna and Kellyn, brought Dorothy Blasing, Lola Kastl, Lois Hill and Floyd Morgan. There were 72 names on the book.

Former Prairie City-ite Roseanne Pearson Day was here visiting her cousin, Donna Adams.

We discussed how we used to tell out-of-towners where someone lived in Prairie City. “Do you know where Laddie Kirkwood lives? “Well, come back two houses and that’s where Marie Coombs is now.” Or, “Turn left at the Chevron station and go two blocks and turn right. Duck and Delbert Tureman live on the right side of the street.”

And if you were going out of the city limits, you traveled on Dixie Creek or Strawberry Creek. The road up the south side of the river was the “Hot Springs” road; if you went past that, you were on the road to Summit Prairie, Crane Prairie, Logan Valley and eventually – ta da – Drewsey.

When they put mile markers on the roads, it helped with directions when we were on the ranch. Instead of saying, “Go past the cemetery and follow that road until you come to two red barns on the left. Turn left, go around the big stucco house, across the creek, and to the green, double-wide mobile home” ... I got to say, “Go out the Summit Prairie Road for about 4.5 miles, and turn left when you see the big lime-green stucco house.” Much easier.

Of course now, anyone who wants to find someone’s abode just puts the address in their little GPS and away they go. We don’t have one, so we still use maps. We figure out where the kids live in Portland, and when we get there, they have to drive us anywhere else. GPS – Grandparents Personal Service.

Ps. 19:4 “Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.”

JOHN DAY – On May 12, Buzz and Bobbie Gilmore from Redeemer Lutheran Church delivered and served the meals. Judi’s famous pizza was well-received.

Senior programs manager Veanne Weddle told us about Ron Dowse’s upcoming AARP driving course on Saturday, June 14. It will be an all-day class on a Saturday, which is nice for folks who work.

Bobbie led the flag salute, and Buzz asked the blessing. Jack McKenna won the Len’s Drug certificate, and Jan Ellison won the free meal.

On May 15, the cooks fixed us Salisbury steak, gravy, rice, salad, rolls and Jell-O with fruit. Sherry Feiger and Ken Boethin delivered the meals. Other folks from the United Methodist Church served the diners. Lou Thoemke was wished a happy birthday, and she won the Chester’s Thriftway certificate.

Billy Drinkwater’s birthday is May 28. Helen Bogart won the Valley View lunch for two.

Sarah Russ from Blue Mountain Hospital’s physical therapy department will come to do a short class for us at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 5. She will focus on balance issues, but is open to coming again to cover other topics. Stop in and let us know what classes you would like.

Margie Conlee led the flag salute, and Marcie Collins asked the blessing. Quite a few folks lingered to visit after lunch. I think part of the reason folks are staying longer is the new chairs. They are comfy and look really nice against the white table cloths.

On May 19, we had cook’s choice, and Thursday, May 22, we are having Judi’s marvelous meatloaf.

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