First semester


4.0 GPA: Kade Blood, Aidan Broemeling, Victoria Coalwell, Roen Langum, Madison McKrola, McKeely Miller, Marissa Smith and Hailie Wright.

Honor roll (3.5-3.99 GPA): Avery Hughes, Andrea Comer, Kaylee Wright, Alcie Moore, Cody Combs, Oaklee Clark, Tanner Elliott, Avaley Mortimore and Alondra Moreno.

Honorable mention (3.0-3.49 GPA): Yui Asami, Nicole Jones, Sydney Brockway, Cynthia Allen, Alyssa Hoffman, Grant LeQuieu, Braden Spencer and Jacob Vaughan.


4.0 GPA: Drew Lusco and Donavan Smith.

Honor roll: Erika Dickens, Rylee Browning, Ellie Justice, Tiler Voigt and Gage Brandon.

Honorable mention: Tristan Morris, Emily Springer, Fallen Bolman, Samantha Floyd, Cinch Anderson, Megan McManama, Taylor Hunt, Warner Robertson, Tyler Blood, Sierra Cates and Baylee Combs.


4.0 GPA: Jacob Smith

Honor roll: CJ Glimpse, Abby Lusco, Peyton Neault, Devon Stokes and Jesaka Culley.

Honorable mention: Sophie Brockway, Parker Manitsas, Kenna Combs, Michael Dilley, Madison Spencer, Ashleigh Ostberg, Leah Comer, Sydnie Moss and Jordyn Young.


4.0 GPA: Riley Roberston, Carson Weaver and Paige Weaver.

Honor roll: Soren Caudill, Paige Gerry, Ashley Henry, Grace Taylor, Lauryn Pettyjohn, Allie Clark, Katelyn Hughes, RJ Kaleo-McEntire, Mariah Kerr, Sam McCracken, Maverick Miller and Audrey Walker.

Honorable mention: Dylan Clark, Casey Vaughan, Emily Finley, Lonnie Ashley, Zinny Locke, Katelynn Miller, Jueun Park, Justin Hodge, Billy Radinovich, Gavin Lopez, Tanler Fuller, Harli Grove, Mason Morris and Madison Whitmore.


4.0 GPA: Amelia Hall.

Honor roll: Daniel Henry, Andrew Hunt, Jasmine Bryers, Shyanne Smarr, Raney Anderson, Tucker Carpenter and Max Bailey.

Honorable mention: Dia Vyas, Quinn Larson, Taylor Moss, Emma Schlarbaum and Ethan Sheedy.


4.0 GPA: Aliciana Archibald, Sydnie Brandon, Sarah Clark, Grant Hall, Abbie Justice, Bailey McCracken, Kynlee Pettyjohn and Bradlee Smith.

Honor roll: Macy Carter, Morganne Wyllie, George Ashley, Alyssa Catalini, Halle Parsons, Eric Culley, Treyton Brown, Alexis McKrola, Kaden Talkington, Drewsey Williams, Alex Finley and Lauren Wenger.

Honorable mention: Mia Adams, Jaydika Anderson, Anahi Gonzalez, Jasmine Hayzlett, Sivanna Hodge, Quinlan Taylor, Liberty Woehlert, Sara Mauseth and Layla Wenick.

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