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Meditation is an easy resolution that can provide health benefits.

Tired of making resolutions that you’re never able to keep? Next time around, pick a few easy goals that only take a few minutes a day and are easy to work into your routine and may be fun to do.

Here are some suggestions.

• Meditate for a few minutes. Livestrong suggests five to 20 minutes a day of meditation — sit quietly, breathe deeply, get rid of distractions, allow yourself to stop worrying about tasks. If you have an office at work, shut your door and take a mid-afternoon break. You don’t have to empty your mind, just allow yourself a few minutes of calm.

• Floss daily. According to USA Today, flossing every day is a 90-second task that can help reduce gum disease and tooth loss, which can make your semiannual visit to the dentist a much less painful or stressful experience. Keep your floss next to your toothbrush as an easy reminder.

• Go to bed earlier. Depending on how busy you are (or how young your kids are), this suggestion from Livestrong may not be easy, but it’s well worth the investment. Even an extra 15-30 minutes a night can help your immune system, memory, mood and so much more. Schedule your bedtime, and stick as close as possible to it.

• Schedule all your doctor’s appointments for the year. Good Housekeeping suggests setting up appointments for screenings, eye appointments, dental cleanings and anything else you know is coming up. You can schedule appointments for kids and pets too while you’re at it. Put the appointments in your calendar online and don’t worry about it.

• Get a houseplant. According to Good Housekeeping, indoor plants can lower stress levels, and caring for a plant helps calm the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. Find a plant that fits your lifestyle. There are plenty that don’t need a lot of water.

• Take the dog for a walk. Even a quick walk around the block is good for you and Fido, according to Livestrong. Take the time for a solitary ramble, alone with your thoughts, or invite your partner or children.

• Turn your phone off. Take a few minutes of quiet time, check out from social media and otherwise focus fully on the task at hand, your book, the person you’re spending time with or just enjoying the silence.

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