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AK ‘Kathy’ Moss of Prairie City wins the International Western Music Association’s 2019 Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year on Nov. 14 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The award was given for her CD titled ‘The Truth.’

AK “Kathy” Moss of Prairie City is on top of the world after winning the International Western Music Association’s 2019 Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year Award on Nov. 14 for her CD titled “The Truth.”

“I’ve been in IWMA for one year, so to hit number one was like an overnight success,” Moss said. “It’s kind of like the Grammy’s.”

The 10 poems on the CD, including “Jingler,” “He’ll Never Ride Again” and the title track “The Truth,” are all written about people she knows.

“It’s humbling because to be recognized in a remote part of the country and to be recognized for the Western lifestyle worldwide makes me want to keep doing what I do,” Moss said. “I’ll keep writing about those you can’t see from the road and being a spokesperson for them.”

“The Truth” was written about one of her best friends.

“It talks about respecting somebody’s hands, for they always tell the truth,” she said. “The CD is filled with poetry I’ve written about other people who keep the Western traditions alive by story and rhyme.”

“Jingler” was written after an experience she had in the 1990s, hearing 35 of rancher Mat Carter’s horses galloping toward their corral. They were following the “jingler,” a horse with a bell on it, leading the others in from the range. Mat and his wife, Jennifer, own the Crown Cattle Company in Seneca.

Poetry from “The Truth” CD has been played at radio stations in the U.S., as well as 26 radio stations in the UK, three in Australia and two in Canada.

The CD sat at No. 1 on the IWMA magazine Western Way’s top 10 list for spring 2019 and was at No. 2 for their summer/fall issue.

At the awards ceremony, with about 500 in attendance, Moss was also nominated as Top Female Poet of the Year, along with four other artists.

Moss and her husband, Tracy, own Russell’s Custom Meats in Canyon City.

Next up for Moss, who is vice president of the IWMA Columbia Chapter working on youth programs, is traveling for performances in Colorado, Arizona, Canada and Washington.

She’s also scheduled to perform with singer Brenn Hill and cowboy humorist Andy Nelson in Lakeview on Saturday, Dec. 14, at a benefit concert for Billie Flick — “The Truth” is written about her.

Moss will also share her cowboy poetry at the Grant County Fair and Rodeo Queen coronation on Dec. 15 at the fairgrounds in John Day.

She’s already working on her next CD, recording at Canyon Mountain Studios in Canyon City, owned by Jim Klusmeier.

“I write in the quiet moments,” she said.

“The Truth” is available at Russell’s and is downloadable online at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/akmoss.


Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at angel@bmeagle.com or 541-575-0710.

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