Kids take over emergency services as Chiefs for the Day

Jenny Boyer, shown here with Grant County Undersheriff Dave Ponozzo, was one of 10 Chiefs for the Day in a ceremony held in Ephrata, Wash. recently.

EPHRATA, WA – Jenny Boyer of Moses Lake, Washington was recently honored as the Chief for the Day by the Washington State Patrol in Ephrata, Washington. Jenny is the daughter of Richard and Charity (Dark) Boyer, and granddaughter of Rusty and Peggy Dark of Monument, Oregon, and Richard Boyer and the late Mary Boyer of Canyon City, Oregon.

Audible sirens could be heard from a large number of law enforcement motorcade vehicles approaching, as a crowd of about 200 people gathered in front of the Grant County Courthouse, in Ephrata, Washington.

Grant County Undersheriff Dave Ponozzo was in charge of the ceremony said disabled children and children with health challenges, and their parents and families face obvious obstacles in the world, but their ability to move forward is beyond what most people in the world are capable of.

Jenny was born with Down’s syndrome in September 2005. She has had the normal challenges facing children with Down’s. Her health challenges began at birth. Jenny continues to make the most of life though, competing in Special Olympics basketball this winter and track this spring, winning several awards for her skills. Jenny attends school in a general education classroom where she reads near grade level, spells at grade level.

Each of the 10 Chiefs for the Day, were appropriately suited in the uniform of the agency they were commanding for the day. Once they reached the Court House they were greeted by agency representatives and escorted to seats and welcomed applause from the crowd. The smiles each Chief was wearing brightened every crowd member’s day. Each Chief was then individually honored by the leadership of the respective agency and given a badge and plaque to commemorate the special day.

Following the official swearing in of the little Chiefs, the Board of County Commissioners presented a proclamation honoring the June 11, 2015, as the official day for the “Chief for the Day” ceremony.


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