The Monument Senior Center is not just a gathering spot for people in their golden years, but for the entire community.

The center, where 200 events were held last year, will receive improvements, thanks to a $21,000 grant from the Dr. Issai and Dr. Ellen Hosiosky Fund of the Gorge Community Foundation.

Lisa Neuburger, a Monument resident and foundation board member, awarded the grant on Feb. 6 to senior center officials.

Judy Harris, fundraising chairman for the senior center, said the building is vital to the community, and the funds will help pay for building repairs and a wheelchair ramp, as well as the purchase of an ice machine and additional tables and chairs.

Neuburger, who has been on the foundation board for 10 years, had been attending the senior meals with her husband, Harris said.

“She was impressed with everything we’ve been doing in our community,” Harris said.

The senior center is not just for seniors, she said, adding it sees a tremendous amount of use.

“It is the hub of the whole city,” she said. “We’re very proud of it, and we wanted to have it right up to snuff.”

She said the grant means a lot because no improvements have been made since the facility was built in 1994.

Senior center board member Jimmy Cole said the group has been working to ensure the building is up to code. He said the center recently received an additional grant through the Collins Foundation to replace the dishwasher and mixer.

Jan Ensign, a senior center board member from Long Creek, said many of “volunteer miles” have driven the activities and fundraisers at the center.

There were 56 volunteers last year who contributed a total of 3,476 volunteer hours.

“We have a lot of wonderful support, and we have some very knowledgeable people who’ve helped,” Ensign said. “We’re very thankful to the grantors who’ve awarded us these funds, and we need to offer a huge thank you to Elaine Eisenbraun who has written grants for us — she’s done a superb job.”

Cole said all the residents are behind the fundraising efforts.

“That’s what is nice,” he said. “It’s a blessing to our community that everybody has come together. People in Monument will put their differences aside for the betterment of the community — not just the young people, it’s everybody. It’s for the community and by the community.”


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