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Father Todd Nance speaks at the Sand Springs Rotary Club meeting January 11. RACHEL SNYDER/Leader

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Father Todd Nance spoke about the Sand Springs Ministerial Alliance at the Sand Springs Rotary Club meeting January 11.

Nance became pastor of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church at 204 E. 4th Street and Our Lady of the Lake in Mannford in 2016. He grew up in Hominy and served as an associate pastor at the Church of Saint Mary in Tulsa before his current assignment.

He said the pastor of HillSpring Church quickly invited him to join the Sand Springs Ministerial Alliance.

“It’s really about bringing people together for the betterment of the community,” Nance said of the Ministerial Alliance. “We all have our respective religions, we all have our respective things we believe in and we respect that about each other…but there’s something greater that brings us together…so our whole focus is making the community a better place to be.”

He said the group of local ministers meets monthly.

“It’s a group of ministers who gather to work together in Christian unity and in charity for the good of Sand Springs,” Nance said. “It’s not just my community that benefits from that, it’s everybody. I may not have all the resources, but together, we have the resources to do something to make it great.”

He said the Ministerial Alliance works on projects such as raising $4,000 to provide gift cards for every firefighter and police officer in Sand Springs for Christmas, providing backpacks for children, hosting a Thanksgiving service and the Boo on Broadway Halloween event.

Nance serves as treasurer of the Ministerial Alliance.

“It allows me a way to support what I think makes this community a great place,” he said.

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This article originally ran on tulsaworld.com.


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