From the abundance of exploration to the friendly community, Dani Carter finds many things to enjoy about Grant County after recently moving to the area and shortly thereafter becoming secretary for the city of John Day.

Carter moved to Grant County from Grants Pass with her two boys Barrett, 5, and Nevin, 9. The family enjoys the opportunities that the county has to offer.

Carter said some of her favorite aspects of Grants Pass were the mountains to explore in her Jeep and opportunities to go rafting down the Rogue River.

Carter said she loves the small town and community feel that Grant County provides. She also appreciated the welcoming feeling provided from community members when she first moved to the area.

“People recognize that I’m new in town, and they immediately bring that up, and they introduce themselves, and they say, ‘Welcome, we’re so glad to have you,’” Carter said.

In the few months that Carter has been in the county, she has not had a bad experience yet with the community, and the people have been welcoming.

“The sense of belonging that you get from people here and everybody is so nice here,” Carter said. “They wave at you, and you have no idea who these people are. The feeling here is my favorite.”

Her family also enjoys the vast outdoors by using ATVs and UTVs to explore different parts of the county.

Carter, who currently resides in Prairie City, said she bought a piece of property in Prairie City near Dixie Creek about a month ago. She plans to build a little house and a little shop to have direct access to Dixie Creek so her family can go up and do trail riding in their choice of transportation.

Both of her boys have enjoyed the transition since both of them love the outdoors. Barrett Carter is into fishing and playing outside while Nevin Carter is very enthusiastic with hunting, fishing and dirt bikes.

“I promised him in moving here that ‘mom would buy you a dirt bike’ and so I drove down to Prineville and picked up his dirt bike,” Carter said. “He’s excited to start taking that up into the mountains when the family goes on UTV rides or take the Jeep up — he can ride his bike.”

On Aug. 10, Carter started her first day as the new John Day secretary and said she loves the people that she works with. She said they have been extremely welcoming. She loves the vision the city has for improving.

“I also love people and answering the phone and helping them in any way I can,” Carter said. “I enjoy attending the council meetings to see what’s going on, and I feel like the more I know about what’s happening in the community, the more a part of it I feel.”

Even with the changes brought on by COVID-19, Carter wants people to know she will do everything she can to help and will do it with a smile on her face, even if it’s behind a telephone or mask.

“I want people to feel like, when they call, they are gonna see a smile on my face through the phone,” Carter said.


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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