From 25 years ago: Debi Hueckman, left, and Judy Householder, right, stand amidst the many donations.

75 years ago

Serious fire averted

A serious fire was prevented in the S-M Motor company’s service shop, Wednesday evening, by the John Day fire fighting crew.

While an employee was cleaning the bearings on the wheels of a car with cleaning solvent, the solvent caught fire and spread rapidly. The quick action of the city’s volunteer fire department brought the blaze under control with only a minimum of damage mainly caused by water and smoke.

The employee received severe burns on his face and hands.

50 years ago

Miss Ricco named Round-Up princess

Brenda Ricco, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ricco, owners and operators of the Blue Mountain Hot Springs, has been named one of four princesses of the 1971 Pendleton Round-Up.

Announcement of the selection was made Monday.

Miss Ricco is a student at Willamette University.

Queen of the Round-Up will be Patt Healy of Heppner. Serving as princesses with Miss Ricco will be Judy Purchase, Pendleton; Teri Thompson, Adams; and Jeri Krebs, Cecil.

25 years ago

Grant County holiday generosity

Volunteer Services Coordinator Debi Hueckman and volunteer Judy Householder stand amidst a room full of food collected on drives by the Grant County Snowballers, the Blue Mountain Junior High, Grant Union High School, the Federal Credit Union, Mt. Vernon Grange and the Forest Service. Hueckman also received 135 stockings from the annual aerobic class fundraiser and gifts for more than 140 kids whose names were on the Tree of Joy. The Blue Mountain Hospital donated more than 75 gifts. All the food and Christmas gifts were distributed Dec. 20-21.


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