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From Dec. 16, 2009: Above Reagan Emmel (No. 32) moves the ball toward the basket while Mary Ellen Hoeffner (No. 23) blocks an Adrian player during Friday night’s game. The lady Panthers lost 31-42.

10 years ago

Lady panthers Net First Wins, PC Girls Score Big vs. Valley Mitchell, Jordan Valley

When the lady Panthers win, they make sure it’s a big one. The Prairie City girls stormed down their home basketball court to a 50-11 win and overtook Jordan Valley 56-23 on Saturday, Dec. 12.

In between, they dropped one to Adrian on Dec. 11, with a final score of 31-42. In that game, down by 8-20 at the half, the girls worked hard and played tough to narrow the gap throughout the second half.

Coach Penny Black said that overall the team made a good effort.

“Our defense was intense the whole game against Jordan Valley,” Black said. “Everyone contributed.”

Black added that the team missed some high-percentage shots in the Adrian game.

“We knew it would be a tough game and we played strong, but a few too many turnovers haunted us,” she said.

High scorer in all three games was Katie Cary, with 19 points against Mitchell, 13 against Adrian and 24 in the Jordan Valley game.

Salem Fast had 8 points and seven steals against Mitchell; Reagan Emmel Scored 7 points and had five rebounds in the Adrian game. Black said that the coaches are proud of the girls efforts.

“We all continue to better our strengths,” she said.

Up next, the Lady panthers will play in the Dayville tournament Friday and Saturday Dec. 18-19.

25 years ago

New Species among Bird Count

The Fourteenth Annual John Day Christmas Bird Count was held Dec. 18.

The weather treated us well all day — mild with a few sprinkles — although chilly with a breeze. The day started early for two of the counters. Clarence O’ Leary, from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., and Tom Winters, from 3:30 a.m. to 5:45 a.m., were out searching for owls.

We recorded a new species for the count this year, two Tundra Swans found in Mt. Vernon. There were Green-winged Teal (55 this year, 13 in 1989), Gadwall (eight this year, seven in 1991), American Wigeon (40 this year, 15 in 1989), Hooded Merganser (eight this year, six in 1991), Bald eagle (10 this year, nine in 1990, and 1992), Red Tailed Hawk (69 this year, 45 in 1990), and American Coot (eight this year, six in 1985). There were also several species seen this year that have only been recorded once or twice before in the 14 years that this count has been effective.

This year we had a record turnout of volunteers for the count, with 18 individuals participating. About 50 hours of combined time was spent either driving or walking that day. Over 300 road miles were logged and about 10 miles traveled on foot.

European starlings were again the most numerous with 265 counted. The recent warm weather apparently brought in a lot of waterfowl with noticeable increases in most of the duck species. Species seen this count were, Great Blue Heron, 13; Tundra Swan, Two; Canada Goose, 36; Green Winged Teal, 55; Mallard, 265; Gadwall, eight; American Wigeon, 40; Ring-Necked Duck, Six; Lesser Scaup, Four; Common Goldeneye, 12; Barrow’s Goldeneye, One; Bufflehead, Two; Hooded Merganser, two; Sharp-Legged Hawk, Two; Golden Eagle, Nine; American Kestrel, nine; Prairie Falcon, Two; Ring-necked Pheasant, Two; California Quail, 184; Virginia Rail, One; American Coot, eight; Killdeer, one; Rock Dove, 11; Common Barn-Owl, One; Great Horned Owl, Five; Nothern Saw-whet Owl, One; Belted Kingfisher, Nine; Downy Woodpecker, three; Hairy Woodpecker, three; Northern Flicker, 17; Horned Lark, One; Steller’s Jay, eight; Clark’s Nutcracker, 16; Black billed Magpie, 118; American Crow, one; Common Raven, 158; Black-Capped chickadee, 16; Mountain Chickadee, 19; Red-Breasted Nuthatch, 10; White-breasted Nuthatch, one; Canyon Wren, one; American Dipper, Two; Golden-crowned Kinglet, Five; Townsend’s Solitaire, 87; American Robin, Five; cedar waxwing, 15; Northern shrike, five; Loggerhead shrike, one; European starling, 270; Song Sparrow, 12; White- Crowned Sparrow, nine; Darkeyed Junco (Oregon Race), 161; Red-winged black bird, 86; Purple Finch, 26; Cassin’s Finch, six; House finch, 103; Red Crossbill, 39; Pine Siskin, 71; American Goldfinch, 141; Evening Grosbeak, one; and House sparrow, 48.

Other Species seen in the count area recently but not the count day include Mourning Dove, Western screech-owl, Blue Jay, Western Bluebird, Varied Thrush, Northern Oriole and slate-Colored Junco.

As with all birding activities, a sighting is often a matter of luck. You need to be in the right place at the right time. The Christmas Bird Count is not intended to be an exact account of all the individual birds in the area, but it is valuable in giving a general idea if the species present and the fluctuations of their populations over the years. Participants include Carey Christ, Linda Driskall, Anne Frost, Cecil Gagnon, Dick Haines, Karen Haines, Eva Harris, Tom Hunt, Barbara Millersohr, Frazier Nichol, Clarence O’Leary, Mark Penniger, Teresa Penniger, Pat Sweeney, Sharon Sweeney and Tom Winters.

75 years ago

Senior Play Enjoyed

A large audience was on hand Wednesday night, at the Grant High Senior class play, “The Big Blow Up.” It was a hilarious comedy in three acts. The play was well cast and showed good coaching, and many were the words of praise from those who attended. Special mention is given to Beverly Suksdorf, who, at the last minute, was delegated to take on one of the leading parts on account of the illness of Leona Wells. A special between-acts feature, which scored a hit with the audience, was the rendition of two songs, “White Christmas” and “Big Beautiful Eyes” by young Mike Farley Senior of 1958. Members of the cast were: Mary Johnson, Henry Hankins, Zetta Gibson, Glenn Eddy, Beverley Suksdorf, Gordon Mullennex, Lura Smith, Billie Fate, Betty Hicks, Ralph Bruce, Harold Steele and Jean Finlayson.

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