Out of the Past 02/12/2020

From 10 years ago: Kim Ausland, right, holds a little lamb as Evelyn Holdren gives a warm hello.

75 years ago

Valentine Ball Was An Enjoyable Affair

The annual ball, given by the John Day Woman’s Civic Club at the legion hall last night, was a most enjoyable event. There was a large attendance and the hope chest patronage was beyond expectations.

The hall was beautifully decorated in true Valentine style and, as is customary at the affair, many of the women wore formals, which added much to the color and beauty of the occasion.

The grand march was led by Ensign and Mrs. Roy Kilpatrick. Special entertainment features during the evening included vocal selections by Billie Jean Fate and tap dance by Zetta Gibson. Following the grand march, Mrs. Hugh Fate led the crowd in singing “God Bless America.” Mrs. Wallace Robinson, president of the Civic Club, spoke a few words of welcome and Mrs. Guy Boyer presented the gifts, which were awarded.

The hope chest went to Mrs. M. O. Olsen, and other gifts to Chris Hamilton, Syd Cardwell and Mrs. Geo. Kern. Proceeds from the affair are for the benefit of the John Day Public library, and 208 dance tickets were sold.

25 years ago

Prairie City Grapplers Host Tournament

The Prairie City Panthers hosted their first wrestling match in years Feb. 10, with Grant Union and Pine Eagle participating.

In the 119-pound division, Nathan Hancock, of Grant Union, pinned Rian Adams, of Prairie City, in one minute, 37 seconds. In the 126 pound class, Dusty Corwin, of Grant Union decisioned Brandon Bosworth, of Prairie City, 10-2; Carl Pitts, of Grant Union, pinned Ryan Rogers, of Prairie City, in 5:49 in the 160-pound class.

Jeff Hunter, of Grant Union, Pinned Jim Jacobs, of Prairie City, in 2:47 in the 172-Pound division; Jacobs pinned Jaime Mansfield in 59 seconds. William Gibbs, of Grant Union, pinned Logan Murrill, of Prairie City, in the 185-pound class; and Steve Ruggles, of Prairie City, pinned Gregg Boethin of Grant Union, in 1:05 in the 215- pound division.

10 years ago

Seniors visit Kight’s sheep ranch

Nine senior citizens and six helpers ventured out to Walt and Marilyn Kight’s sheep ranch where lambing season is in full swing.

The Valley View Assisted Living residents stepped off and wheeled off the People Mover bus Feb. 4 for an upclose look at newborns — one lamb was born just an hour before their arrival.

“It was nice to get out into the country,” said Evelyn Holdren.

“One almost went to sleep on Pearl Coombs’ lap,” said Geri Pasko.

She said she learned something new on the trip.

“I didn’t know that a mother sheep can growl,” she said, noting the bossiness of the ewes. Also, their wool, she found, was rough, “but around their legs and face it’s real soft.”

The Kights have been running their 120-acre sheep ranch since 1975.

The operation has been downsized over the years to about 200 sheep as they’ve turned to more hay production — over 200 tons a year.

Kim Ausland, activities director at Valley View, said the residents enjoyed feeling a part of the ranch.

“Being able to hold and pet these lambs brought joy and laughter to their day,” she said.

John Aasness helped coordinate the trip, which was sponsored by the Ranch and Rodeo Museum.

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