From 50 years ago: Larger stoplights were installed at the intersection of highways 395 and 26 in John Day.

75 years ago

Kimberly sheepherder with 9th Air Force promoted to Staff Sergeant

George O. Manuell, son of Mrs. Minni Manuell, Route 1, Woodville, Wisconsin, a crew chief in a widely known P-47 Thunderbolt group of the Ninth Air Force in Germany, has been promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Staff Sergeant Manuell has served overseas more than thirty months in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Corsica, France and Germany. His group has been cited five times by the War Department and has participated in eight major campaigns in the Mediterranean and European theaters of operation.

The group was the first tactical unit of the First Tactical Air Force to operate east of the Rhine and at the time of the German capitulation was operating from a base deep in Germany.

Staff Sergeant Manuell was a sheepherder with George W. Moore, Kimberly, Oregon, before entering the service in March 1942.

50 years ago

John Day intersection gets an upgrade

New and larger stoplights at the John Day crossroads of highway 26 and 395 will mean improved visibility for drivers and less chance of unintentional “red light running,” a hazard to pedestrians and other drivers alike. State Highway Department crews put up the signals last week, then came back Monday to readjust the lights so beams were aimed directly into the driver’s lanes at all four corner stops after business and apartment dwellers in the area complained the flashing safety device was too bright during night hours.

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