From 50 years ago: Albert James Durante, left, and John Day Councilman Gordon Glass examine some vintage bourbon.

75 years ago

Bodies of two Ontario fliers found; Flegel well known here

The bodies of two Ontario men, Charles P. Flegel, formerly of Prairie City and well known in Grant County, and Frank Van Petten, Ontario lumberman, were discovered in the wreckage of the Van Petten airplane near McCall, Idaho, last Friday. They were found in the burned wreckage of the plane at the base of a steep cliff about 10 miles south of Yellowpine, state an AP dispatch from McCall, Idaho, dated July 23.

An intensive search followed the disappearance of the two men on May 27. They had flown Van Petten’s son from Ontario to a ranch at Yellowpine, where he was to spend the summer. They vanished after taking off on the return trip to Ontario.

The plane was discovered in the wild and rugged section northeast of McCall by John Black, a volunteer searcher. A pack train with the bodies arrived at McCall late Sunday.

Mr. Flegel’s wife, who is a daughter of Mrs. Jennie Tucker of Prairie City, and a 14-year-old daughter, Betty, make their home in Ontario. A son, William, is now on his way home from Germany. His mother, Mrs. Austin F. Flegel, and a brother, Austin Flegel Jr., president of Willamette Iron & Steel Company, reside in Portland.

Mr. Flegel, following his graduation from Oregon State College, became associated with the Eastern Oregon Land Company, serving as agent with headquarters at Prairie City until being transferred to Ontario about 15 years ago. He was a veteran of World War I and an active member of the American Legion.

50 years ago

Vintage year

Albert James Durante of New York City and John Day Councilman Gordon Glass examine two of 73 pre-Prohibition bottles of bourbon found in the attic of the Kam Wah Chung and Co. building adjacent to Gleason Park. Durante, an official of the Bourbon Institute, and his wife, toured the landmark Saturday, as part of their trip was to purchase several of the bottles for the institute.

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