Don Boyer

From 25 years ago: Don Boyer was honored as ’62 Days Celebration grand marshal.

75 years ago

Survivors of the Iwo Jima flag-raising are to be in Portland, at the Multnomah Civic Stadium, and word has been received by Mrs. Bertha Dixon, Grant County war finance chairman, from Kenneth G. Martin of the Oregon War Finance Committee that tickets for admission will be granted to all individuals who have bought their quota in E Bonds, should they wish to attend this celebration. Mr. Martin’s letter said:

“Since we have not printed a greater number of tickets than we have seats at the stadium, we ask that these tickets be distributed only to people who have bought their quota of E Bonds during the 7th war loan drive, and be present on the night of June 13 at the Multnomah Stadium in Portland. We feel that we want to do honor to these boys by showing them that the state of Oregon recognizes what they have done. Your cooperation in placing these tickets in the hands of people who will come to Portland to use them will be appreciated. All tickets should be returned for redistribution.”

50 years ago

Prairie City man wins the city-to-city race

In a race reminiscent of mail run days in early Grant County, Dave Herbert of Prairie City won first place by one minute, taking 47 minutes to gallop the distance from Prairie City to Canyon City over an old country road.

Placing second with a time of 48 minutes over the 13-mile course was Fred Winegar of Prairie City, and coming in third was Kenny Holliday of John Day. Jack McCarthy of Prairie City placed fourth.

The four entrants were started by race chairman Bill Winegar at five-minute intervals beginning at 9 a.m. Fred Winegar, on the first horse out, arrived three hot horses and 48 minutes later.

The worst part of the course, entrants indicated, was the last 200 yards coming into Canyon City where they had to slow down or risk falling.

25 years ago

Don Boyer honored as ‘62 Days grand marshal

Don Boyer, probably best recognized as the “voice” who announces Grant County’s parades and activities, has been named this year’s grand marshal of the ‘62 Days Celebration parade that will begin Saturday at 11 a.m.

Over the years, Don has announced and added his own, personal color to junior rodeo events and activities, the Grant County fair parade, the Prairie City Fourth of July celebration, Cinnabar Mountain Rendezvous, Long Creek centennial celebration and other activities.

But perhaps he’s best known for the many years he has presided over the annual ‘62 Days Celebration parade.

In a recent interview, Don said he was born on Jan. 4, 1914. “That makes me 81 years old, and I’m not liking it very well, but can’t help it,” he said with a chuckle.

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