Miles Allen

From 25 years ago: Miles Allen, 5, untangles tackle.

50 years ago

Event makes reading real to Grant County youths

Take 52 kids just out of school, put them in a mountain valley retreat with a pond, deer, good food and few distractions like piano lessons or baseball games, mix with five teachers, also just out of school, six friendly counselors to try and keep track of the kids, add a program of reading instruction that emphasizes fun and what do you have?

A summer fun-shop at Lake Creek recreation area called “Reading Makes It,” that’s what. During the first two weeks of June, youngsters from all over Grant County have participated in a federally funded special program designed to help bright children read better by reading for enjoyment not a grade.

Program director Bob Batty said the aim of the camp was to provide a non-competitive experience in reading where the children could receive more individual attention and set their own pace.

Each day, for instance, a contract would be made between the students and the teachers, with the children deciding how much was to be read during the day, from five books to five pages. Rewards of free time were made when contracts were fulfilled by each part. The students were given the opportunity to judge their own performances, too.

25 years ago

Fishing isn’t all glamour

Sometimes fishing means getting down and grubby to save your tackle if it gets snagged, as Miles Allen, 5, son of Terry and Janice Allen of Prairie City learned this past Saturday at the Trout Farm, site of this year’s fishing derby. Saturday was the annual statewide Free Fishing Day, held in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service and Oregon State Police. The free fishing lured about 50 people to the Trout Farm Campground, approximately 16 miles south of Prairie City on County Road 16 to try their luck.

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