From 25 years ago: Reed Fire sale draws protesters who have flipped over a truck to block the Forest Service road.

75 years ago

Montana sheriff gets prisoner

Sheriff Westlake of Bozeman, Montana, was here the first of this week and picked up a man wanted in Gallatin County, Montana, on a grand larceny charge, according to information from Sheriff I. B. Hazeltine. The prisoner’s name is Peter D. Flater, alias Jack Bardeaux. He is about 31 years of age and has been around Dayville for about six weeks.

Sheriff Westlake was accompanied here by his wife and son.

50 years ago

Squaw Butte to have beef cattle field day

Squaw Butte Experiment Station of Oregon State University near Burns will have its annual beef cattle field day Tuesday, March 30.

The field day each year draws 200 to 300 cattlemen from Oregon, Nevada and Idaho.

The morning session will be at the Grange Hall, two miles east of Burns on Highway 78. After lunch, there will be a tour of current research at the station’s Section 5, seven miles south of Burns on Highway 205.

Charlie Otley, Diamond, president of the Harney County Stockgrower’s Association, will be chairman for the morning session. Dr. Robert J. Raleigh, superintendent of Squaw Butte Experiment Station, will be in charge of the afternoon tour and discussion.

During the morning session, station scientists will report on feeding of range supplement, supplementing cattle grazing wet meadows, protein-energy ratios for growing animals and fall calving.

Lunch will be served by the Poison Creek Grange Home Economics Club.

The afternoon session will include short reports on feed requirements for fall-calving cows and fall calves, irrigated pasture and alfalfa hay production, sheep digestion trials, fistulated steers, alfalfa feeding trials and biuret, a protein replacement.

Cooperating with the Experiment Station are the Agricultural Research Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

25 years ago

‘Environmentalists’ show little concern for the environment

A loose-knit group of 15 or so “environmental” activists turned out Thursday at the Reed Fire sale site to protest the logging activities. They left in their wake an overturned pickup truck, litter and other debris. Most damaging, they dug a deep trench to prevent anyone from going around the truck that blocked the road. The trench channeled yards of rock and dirt into the adjacent stream causing siltation that damaged fish habitat and the riparian areas. The group, lead by spokesman Assanti Riverwind, left Friday morning due to snow and cold weather, before they could be arrested.

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