Out of the Past March 25, 2020

Ten fire fighters and two engines from the John Day Volunteer Fire Department responded to a 6:50 a.m. alarm Tuesday morning.

10 Years ago

Season's Last Run and Toss

JOHN DAY - Four basketball teams - boys and girls, varsity and junior varsity - battled it out as the Grant Union Prospectors hosted the Vale Vikings Feb. 16.

It was "heart and hustle" that brought a 53-48 victory for the Prospector varsity boys as they faced the Vale Vikings.

"The kids played extremely hard to overcome the early deficit," said head coach Jason Miller. "We managed to get the ball inside and attacked the rim which was our game plan."

The season didn't go as planned, he said, but he was pleased with the hard work the team put forth the entire time. The boys had an overall conference record of 3-7, with wins against third-place Umatilla (42-34), fourth-place Riverside (46-42), as well as with Vale, which finished out No. 6.

In a match 11 days earlier, the Vikings beat the Prospectors 61-45.

Miller noted he's especially proud of the seniors' performance on the court this year.

"I am glad that we were able to send the seniors out on a win," he said. "I look forward to a great season next year."

In the Feb. 16 game, Ian Averett had 12 points; Gage Immoos had 11 points and went 5-6 at the charity stripe; Connor Smith had 10 and went 2-4; Dillon Porter had 8 points, sinking two 3-point shots; Nick Wilson had 6 and went 2-4; and Brent Labhart had 6 and was 2-3.

The Grant Union Girls played hard against their Viking foes, but met defeat in their last game of the season.

GU had a two-point lead at the half, 19-17, and kept the game close until the last few minutes. The Vikings, who ended the season in the No. 3 position, then ran their score up and stalled the ball to put the game away 48-33.

The first time the two teams met, Vale won by 26 points. This time it was closer, by 15.

The Prospectors finished the year in fifth place, with a 2-8 record. The two wins, 52-48 and 61-51 in 1 OT, were against Riverside.

The GU team loses two seniors this year, Natalia Yazzie and Kiaya Wilson.

Head coach Steve Speth noted the team learned a lot this year, playing against challenging opponents which he says will bode well for his young team next year.

"Our goal this year was to get better everyday," he said. "We felt like we did that. We're excited about next year because we have most of our team coming back."

Feb. 16, the junior varsity teams also met Vale. The girls, coached by Hailey Boethin, suffered a tough loss to the Vikings 26-65.

The junior varsity boys, coached by Pete Rawlins, had a nail-biter game. A 3-point winning toss by junior Ross Rawlins, who also plays on the varsity team, clenched a one-point victory over the Vikings, 52-51

 25 Years Ago

Cutting torch ignites early morning vehicle blaze

Ten fire fighters and two engines from the John Day Volunteer Fire Department responded to a 6:50 a.m. alarm Tuesday morning. They responded to the vacant lot on West Main across from The Blue Mountain Eagle to discover a car on fire. The car was being cut apart for salvage parts and scrap metal when cutting torch ignited the fire.

After connecting to the city’s water system, firefighters doused the fire without injuries or damage to other property.

The gas tank had been removed from the vehicle, and a spokesperson for the fire department said it was not known exactly what caught fire on the vehicle.

 Although seemingly harmless on the surface, the spokesperson used Tuesday’s fore to underscore the safety considerations that should be exercised with a car fire.

He said the drivelines could ignite and explode out either end front or rear of the vehicle. The axles can also ignite and pop out the sides of the vehicle. On newer vehicles, shock-absorbing bumpers can ignite and shoot out and the plastics can cause toxic fumes. The incident remains under investigation.

75 Years ago 

County will get Salvage Pennant

Salem, Feb. 20 the state salvage committee mailed war production pennants today to 17 counties which collected more than 100 pounds of scrap per capita during the scrap metal drive in September and October.

 The pennants are in addition to those given Morrow and Gilliam counties, which placed first and second, respectively, in the drive. Counties getting the pennants today are Clatsop, Harney, Curry, Polk, Baker, Coos, Linn, Grant, Lake, Josephine, Deschutes, Yamhill, Sherman, Marion, Wheeler, Umatilla and Wasco. East Oregonian.

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