From 25 years ago: Some members of the Oregon Public Employees Union manned a picket line Monday morning in front of the state’s Human Services Building on West Main. They included, left to right, Jim Spell with the Children Services Division, Marilyn Thomasson with Adult and Family Services, Barbara Heiple with the Employment Division and John Pegg with Adult and Family Services. The strike officially started at 12:01 AM Monday when union officials and the state failed to reach an agreement.

75 yeas ago

Beech Creek Marine one of first to land on Okinawa island

Marine Private Marvin “R” Simmons, of Beech Creek, was one of the first aviation ground crew members to land on the tragic island.

Attached to an assault unit of the First Marine Air Wing, he landed on the western coast of the island with his outfit and penetrated 1,200 yards inland to set up shop on the Japanese bomber strip at Yontan airport.

When not using a rifle in active fighting, he is engaged in the servicing and repair of planes.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Simmons, of Beech Creek, he attended school in Fox and was employed on his father’s farm prior to joining the Marine Corps.

25 years ago

On strike

Some members of the Oregon Public Employees Union were on strike as of 12:01 a.m. Monday morning in an ongoing wage dispute with the state.

Nine of the 11 non-management personnel at the state’s Human Services Building on West Main sat on a picket line Monday morning.

Among them were employees from the Children Services Division, Adult and Family Services and the Employment Department.

A spokesperson at the county office of the Department of Transportation said some union members did report for work.

Unaffected by the strike was the county circuit court, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, parks department and state forestry department.

Employees on strike said the issues are financial including a pay freeze over the past two years; a virtual 0-percent pay increase in current 1994-95 budget year and almost no increase in the upcoming 1995-96 fiscal year; and a 6-percent pay decrease beginning July 1 under provisions of Measure 8 that require employees to pick up additional retirement contributions to the Public Employees Retirement System. Employees are seeking a 6.5-percent pay increase.

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