Mequasah Russell’s group was in the final session at the statewide Improvisation Festival held in Lebanon Sept. 28, 1996. Russell finished first in the competition.

75 years ago

Elk hunter missing for six days, shows up in Granite Wednesday

C.T. Thurman, 64, Klamath Falls apartment house owner who was lost on an elk hunting trip in the mountain region between Bates and Susanville since last Friday — five nights and six days — walked into the town of Granite Wednesday evening about 5:30, it was reported here by the local state police officer, Chet Arnett. Details were not learned; however it was stated that the man missing for so long was uninjured and in apparent good condition.

Ever since Thurman was reported lost last Friday an intensive search was conducted and the mountains were scoured by Forest Service men, Oregon Lumber Company employees, state police and others, with no trace of the missing hunter, until he found his way, alone, into the town of Granite Wednesday evening. The searchers, it was reported, had just begun giving up hope of finding him alive. Thurman had been hunting with his wife and daughter, and his partner, John Forgty.

50 years agoCaptain Ronald Drinkwater is home from Spain

Captain Ronald Drinkwater arrived in Prairie City Sunday evening, Oct. 31st, with his wife, Carolyn, and their year-old son, Ted. They are visiting Captain Drinkwater’s father, Billy Drinkwater of Prairie City, and family until Nov. 19.

Captain Drinkwater is presently stationed near Madrid, Spain, and will begin studying for a master’s degree in nuclear engineering at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, under the Air Force Institute of Technology program.

25 years agoMonument seniors attend statewide drama festival

Monument High School seniors Mequasah Russell and Heather Cooke attended a statewide Improvisation Festival in Lebanon on Sept. 28 and Russell placed first in the competitions.

There were approximately 300 drama students from around the state at the Festival. Students were assigned to small groups and given a piece of paper with a quote and a dramatic scene suggestion. There were 64 groups performing. Students were given one hour to come up with a four- to six-minute scene.

Six to eight groups were assigned to perform in front of a judge. After lunch, they performed a second time for a different judge. The scores were calibrated and they attended a finalist session in front of 10 judges in the Lebanon School auditorium.

Russell’s group was in the finalist session.

Russell will attend the state drama competitions for scholarships in the spring.

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