From 25 years ago: Roger McKinley shows off this year’s six-by-six bull elk.

75 years ago

Grant defeats Prairie in final football game

Playing on a field blanketed with one inch of snow at Prairie City last Friday afternoon, Grant Union again emerged from a slick game with a victory over a battling Prairie team 20-0.

On the opening kick-off, Livingston, Grant speedster, raced 50 yards to an open field only to be caught from behind by Davis of Prairie. The Prospectors then powered their way down the field for a score by Officer.

Neither team threatened in the second period, making the half-time score 6-0.

The third period again saw many fumbles by both teams, but Livingston of the Prospectors squad scored a run from the 15-yard stripe.

The fourth period found Livingston again adding seven more points to Grant’s preceding tally of two touchdowns by a splendid reversed field run of 55 yards.

Prairie threatened to score in this quarter, but due to a fumble lost their last chance of scoring a goal.

The Prospectors marked up 201 yards of scrimmage to the Panthers’ 61 yards and managed eight first downs against two for Prairie.

This was Grant’s last game of the season and the last game for Grant High for the senior boys, namely: Wade Officer, Ted Livingston, Clifford Belcher, James Beals, Laurie Wyllie, Herbert McGentrick, Bernie Carson and Robert Frances.

50 years ago

Two men help bring out fallen miner

Paul Woodworth of Prairie City assisted Tom Edmunson of Canyon City in helping the late Jim Kinsella when he was trapped and injured following an unexplained accident Nov. 4 in the Standard Mine above Prairie City.

Mr. Kinsella died later in the evening that same day after being taken to the Blue Mountain Hospital in John Day.

Arrangements had been made by Edmunson and Woodworth that Woodworth would go to the mine if Edmunson did not return immediately from checking on Kinsella’s lateness in returning home that afternoon. The next day, Forrest Winegard, also a friend of Kinsella’s helped Edmunson bring Kinsella’s dog and pickup down from the mine. Edmunson, who was Kinsella’s first mining partner, and Woodworth are both employed by G. L. Pine Inc. of John Day.

25 years ago

Good year for some

The 1995 elk seasons will go down as fruitful ones for some Grant County hunters, such as Roger McKinley of Prairie City who harvested a dandy 6x6. Although the final bull season ended Sunday, Nov. 12, various antlerless elk hunts will be held over the next several weeks in many areas of the region.

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