From 50 years ago: Reasons why the Canyon Creek Meadows dam will not hold back the water are indicated in the new core drilling samples, shown here as they are examined by two members of the Grant County Sportsmen’s Association Friday night, Willis Woods, right, and Howard Gilliam (partly hidden by Woods).

75 years ago

Awarded Purple Heart

Edgar Maxwell Bush, Private first class, USMCR, husband of Anna Bush of Izee, Oregon, has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action.

Bush, whose parents reside in Portland, Oregon, participated in the actions at the Marshalls, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. He already wears the Bronze Star and the Presidential Unit Citation.

He is a patient n the U.S. Naval hospital at Corvallis, Oregon.

50 years ago

Core samples bring problem to light

Preliminary core samples from the ill-fated Canyon Creek Meadows Dam show extremely deep water leakage of a period yet undetermined.

This was indicated Friday night in the remarks of Bear Valley Ranger District chief Don James, who brought two such core samples with him to the meeting.

The long awaited core drilling got underway just last week, and the second of the first two test holes was completed Friday.

James said geologists believe the present lake site was once before a lake, probably caused by a rock slide that has since disappeared.

Pointing to the core samples in plywood boxes at his feet, James identified the rust-colored deposits on the rocks as iron oxide. These samples show evidence of water going through, he noted.

The core drilling agreed to by the Oregon Game Commission a year ago, is a cooperative venture of the U.S. Forest Service and the game commissioners.

Costs will be shared equally up to $6,000, James said. If more money has to be spent, the Game Commission will pay the remainder, he added.

“The core tests are one step in a project to help us make a decision on what to do up there,” James said. Forest Service geologist Ron Bergman will make a separate report and other agency officials will be consulted too, he noted.

“We’ll gather all this information and we hope by next summer we’ll have a decision,” James said.

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