Shahaylie Smarr, 5, concentrates on painting her pumpkin during a 1996 pumpkin painting contest in John Day.

75 years ago

Sonny Tureman wins at Madison Square Garden

Sonny Tureman, John Day cowboy, won the bareback riding contest in the world’s championship rodeo last Saturday in Madison Square Garden, New York, according to a (UP) dispatch in the Oregon Journal.

Tureman beat out Larry Bentley, Phoenix, AZ, and Marv O. Rogers, Idabelle, OK.

50 years ago

Meter-reader, dog catcher starts work for John Day

Mrs. Shirley King began work Monday of last week for the city of John Day as a parking meter reader and dog catcher, City Administrator Kern French announced Thursday.

Mrs. King’s position, fully funded under the emergency public service job program recently launched in Oregon, calls for her to enforce the city’s parking-meter and dog ordinances.

French said a uniform has been ordered for Mrs. King and that Eddie Wright, city maintenance superintendent, will construct a closed cage in the back of the old city maintenance pickup for use in holding loose dogs.

Under terms of the job agreement with the state, the city’s portion of required matching funds will be paid through supervision, training, and working materials — all non-fund items.

Mrs. King reportedly handed out a large number of meter violation tickets her first day on the job. The number fell drastically the second day she worked, French said.

25 years ago

Pumpkin painters

Children were given a pumpkin, paints and plastic bag protection to decorate as they saw fit in front of Chester’s Thriftway and Ben Franklin on Main Street in John Day.

Awards were given to the top three contestants of four age groups at the Pumpkin Painting Contest sponsored by Chester’s Thriftway and Ben Franklin Saturday.

All first place winners received $15, second place received $10 and third place received $5 from Ben Franklin. Each contestant also took their pumpkin home with them.

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