From 50 years ago: Clothing was donated for people in need in Appalachia.

75 years ago

Bronze Star awarded to Captain A. H. Wright former Grant High head

Captain A. H. Wright, who at the beginning of the war gave up the principalship at Grant Union High School to enlist in the Army, was awarded the Bronze Star Medal by his commanding general for heroic achievement in action on April 22 this year, however, it was only this week that his friends in this community learned that he had received this award of honor and also that had been wounded in battle and received the Purple Heart award.

The citation received by Captain Wright was as follows:

“Albert H. Wright, 01307609, Captain, Infantry, Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 245th Infantry Regiment, for heroic achievement in action on 22 April, 1945, in the vicinity of Unter-Groningen, Germany. During a swift motor march toward the Danube River in pursuit of the enemy, Captain Wright preceded the convoy by several miles for the purpose of organizing civilian groups to remove the numerous road blocks and abatis which would otherwise have delayed the battalion’s advance. When he came upon a section of road which was hastily mined for a distance of one thousand yards, Captain Wright located and removed the mines, enabling the battalion to continue its swift advance. Captain Wright’s outstanding bravery and devotion to duty under hazardous conditions reflect credit upon himself and upon the Armed Forces of the United States. Entered military services from John Day, Oregon.”

50 years ago

Collecting Clothes for those in Appalachia

25 total bundles of donated clothing for needy people in Appalachia collected over the past month and a half by the Grant County Cleaners. Owner Carol Rose reported that the response of Grant Countians to the drive was so overwhelmed that he ran out of sacks in which to bundle the 345 pounds of usable goods. An initial shipment of 12 bundles and two boxes was sent to Tennessee last week for distribution.

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