From 50 years ago: Hazel Astbury of Australia makes her final tack adjustment on her horse, Cobber, before leaving Mt. Vernon, where hosts were the Homer Damons, for the next stop, Dayville, where Mrs. Grace Laughlin provided accommodations. The horseback wanderer will log nearly 8,000 miles of four-legged travel by the time she reaches San Francisco for a boat trip back home.

75 years ago

On USS Cree

In the Western Pacific Charles W. Mullennex, specialist (firefighter), Canyon City, Oregon, has been on duty with the crew of the USS Cree and auxiliary ocean tug, which figured in operations from the Aleutians, through the Pacific war zones, to the South China Sea.

Since her first mission after being commissioned in March 1943, when she towed a floating dry-dock to the Aleutians, her crew saw much of the sweep across the Pacific. She accompanied a task force on Kurile Islands raids and later was on duty in the Central Pacific.

The USS Cree also was with the fleet on the first carrier strikes against Japan and helped cover the Iwo Jima and Okinawa campaigns.

50 years ago

Equine Traveler

Miss Astbury, a free-spirited horseback wanderer from Maitland, New South Wales, Australia, passed through the John Day Valley over a long weekend, on her way to a boat home out of San Francisco.

And thousands of overnight stops with new-found friends, thousands of miles of high and low key adventure and thousands of memories later on her scenic tour of North America, she says she is ready to do it allover again — but taking another route to see parts she hasn’t yet seen, of course.

Hazel bunked with the Homer Damons of Mt. Vernon for several days, entertaining her hosts with any number of humorous incidents that have occurred to her on her journeys, and packing — so help me — chicken and noodle casserole, with a tomato slice and on wheat bread, into her 85-pound frame.

Hazel, when she returns to Australia, will work on a cattle ranch as a kind of general handy-woman. That is, until she gets the old wanderlust again.

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