4.0 GPA: Deja Amsden and Josiah Hoeffner.

Honor roll (3.5-3.99 GPA): Levi Burke and Haley Pfefferkorn.

Honorable mention (3.0-3.49 GPA): Jonathan Lawrence, Lane Williams, Brett Copenhaver, Raven Maloy, Paige Moore and Kyla Winton.


4.0 GPA: JoLynne Ashley, Shaelynn Bice, Cole Deiter and Johna Long.

Honor roll: Aleah Johns, Jessica Reames, Madalyn Way, Shaine Madden, Carson McKay, Rilee Emmel and Abby Winegar.

Honorable mention: Opie McDaniel, Lucas McKinley, Kaden Madden and Emily Ennis.


4.0 GPA: Aries Bice, Brandon Horrell, Caitlin Willet and Declan Zweygardt.

Honor roll: Katie Hire, Mikiah Kimble, Jayden Winegar and Samantha Workman.

Honorable mention: Abbey Pfefferkorn.


4.0 GPA: Riley Reames and Isaac Koopman.

Honor roll: Marcus Judd.

Honorable mention: Seth Moore, John Titus and Hannah Wall.


4.0 GPA: Kaitlynne Ashley and Janie Koopman.

Honor roll: Laken McKay, Leif Rausch and Cole Teel.

Honorable mention: BettyAnn Wilson, Paige Shaw and Caitlin Titus.


4.0 GPA: Cayden Howard.

Honor roll: Cliff Bice and Jaycee Winegar.

Honorable Mention: Brianna Kimble, Porsche Kite, Brooke Teel, Wes Voigt, McKenzie Lawrence, Cody Reagan and Tristen Gibson.

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