JOHN DAY — Diane Davis of Mt. Vernon had two quilts among 100 total on display at the 16th Annual Grant County Quilt Show.

The event, held last Friday and Saturday at the Grant County Fairgrounds pavilion, featured row after row of quilts in an array of colors, styles and unique qualities.

Davis brought two quilts for the show, including a rich pink entry, titled “Dragonflies and Fuschias,” and a nine-patch and snowball pattern with a western theme.

“I like creating,” said Davis, who learned to sew and quilt from her grandmother when she was 10 years old.

She passed the joy of quilting on to her two, now-grown daughters, teaching them when they were 10 and 12.

“One of the things I’ve gotten into, because I had breast cancer a few years ago, is to make quilts and donate them,” Davis said.

She made a quilt last year for Blue Mountain Hospital, which was raffled off, with the proceeds donated to a program to help breast cancer patients.

Davis also made five quilts to give to people affected by the Canyon Creek Complex fire last year.

“I hardly keep a quilt,” she said. “I usually give them away.”

Several quilters joined a Sunday workshop at the pavilion with Dawn Kitzmiller of Baker City learning a “Buggy Barn” pattern.

Davis said the Grant County Piecemakers Quilting Guild sponsors the quilt show and use the funds to assist the community.

April 15

1st place: Jean Miller

2nd place: Janice Childress

3rd place: Donna Speakman

April 16

1st place: Evelyn Johns

2nd place: Janice Dickens

3rd place: Janice Childress

The winner of the raffle quilt was Andrea Martinez of John Day.

Diane Higbie won the Crayon Challenge, in which contestants chose a crayon and sewed a quilted item that included that color, plus black and white.

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