JOHN DAY—On Monday there were 31 regular and 28 frozen meals delivered by our crew of volunteers from Step Forward and Bonnie Francis. The greeters were Merry Henry and Jeanette. It is so nice to have so many faithful volunteers in our presence every week. What better way to be greeted than by three smiling faces? Our meal, which was shrimp fettuccine with French bread, cucumber salad and cherry cobbler for dessert, was served by volunteers from the Redeemer Lutheran Church. We thank you for your kindness. The winner of the sundae graciously donated by Dairy Queen was Carl Swank, and Billie Bullard won the gift card donated by our friends at Len’s Drug.

I am enjoying this mild weather we have been having. June was colder than normal, but I have no complaints! I’d take temperatures in the 80s over high 90s any day. My weekend was relaxing albeit a little boring, but I managed to deep clean the house, which is always a positive. My flowerbed is coming along nicely with beautiful flowers.

They are purple, red, pink and white! My irises are definitely done for the year, but my rose bush is still trying to bloom. The trick now is keeping enough water on everything.

I have to admit, I didn’t make it to lunch on Thursday because of an appointment. However, we had teriyaki chicken with rice egg rolls, seafood salad, fortune cookies and birthday cake. A big thanks to Driskill Memorial Chapel for donating the birthday cake to us. We are incredibly blessed to always have your support. Our lunch was sponsored by Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative, whom we are always happy to see. I don’t know who won what on Thursday, but regardless I say congratulations!

This weekend is supposed to be fairly mild so it looks like I will be doing some more weeding! Luckily, they weren’t as bad as before, but it’s basically just maintenance at this point. Going to put some Roundup outside the fence and in the driveway, maybe around the patio too. I love spending my weekends outside making my house look as pretty as a picture!

The goal is to make it as close as I can to a house out of Home and Garden Magazine.

My black-eyed Susan climbing vine is doing quite well on the trellis against my house. Did I mention I have lots of ivy beside my garage? I’d like to get that to start creeping on the fence at some point. This weekend will be busy, busy, busy but well worth it in the end. Who else loves working outside when the weather is just right? Praise the Lord for this weather and let us pray that it stays favorable.

Psalm 75:1 “We praise you, God, we praise you, for your Name is near; people tell of your wonderful deeds.”

MONUMENT—For our Tuesday lunch, all who came were greeted by these (new to us) chairs that were brought over from Portland by our great friends Bruce Hansen and John Ray. We were so blessed to receive these very cushy and comfortable chairs! Bruce and John brought them over for us and other local communities and whoever wanted these chairs free of charge. We thank these men so much for just their wonderful generosity and thoughtfulness in always thinking of us over here in Monument. John is a part of a foundation that assisted in getting us our grants to improve our senior center, and their next grant project is to provide a new deck for us. Words cannot express our gratitude.

We had a fabulous meal prepared for us by Terry Cade and Teawna Jewell. They made us some delicious chicken fajitas with tortillas and all the fixings, and brownie cake with cream cheese frosting. We thank our ladies for their hard work in the kitchen!

Our greeters at the table were Jimmy Cole, Linda Blakeslee, Kristi Guimont and Bodean Andersen. Jimmy and Linda collected and counted the money, and Kristi checked in all the guests.

We had a huge crowd of 66 guests on the books and eight takeouts. Rusty Beaughman was the winner of the Len’s Drug gift card. Miranda Hoodenpyl and Diane Harvey won the free meal tickets.

Lonnie Lawrence thanked all who came and supported the Monument 4th of July celebration and we are just so blessed to live in such a close-knit and supportive community.

Jerry Cowger passed away on July 11. His funeral service is at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 27, at the Monument Cemetery with Don Capon officiating. He was a good and kind man, and he will be dearly missed. We pray for the Lord’s comfort for Jerry’s family during this difficult and sad time.

Shawnah Schafer and Laura Thomas join us for lunch. Laura is the new principal and superintendent for Monument School. We congratulate her.

We want to thank Aaron and Judy Harris, along with Heather Riggs for cleaning all around our senior center and keeping it beautiful.

Well, I think this hot weather is finally making some of the plants in my garden grow. I planted a bunch of round Italian zucchinis. They are starting to look really nice and big.

When they were just peeking through the dirt, I had to stick a whole bunch of plastic forks in the dirt all around because my silly cats were trying to use my raised beds as their own personal litter boxes. So, those forks would “poke” them in the butt if they tried to squat in my raised bed and I think it took care of the problem. Yahoo! I sure would have liked to see one of them trying to do their business and get poked in the butt. I am sure I would have been rolling on the ground laughing hysterically with tears rolling down my face! Ha.

Psalms 145: 10 “All Thy works shall praise Thee, O LORD, and Thy saints shall bless Thee.”

PRAIRIE CITY—I do believe that summer has arrived. Enjoy the blue, cloudless skies, the early mornings and late evenings, the birds singing and the sweet smell of newly mown hay. Do it all while enjoying some ice cream and you’ve covered all five senses! “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” Well, we can dream anyhow. Carla led the flag salute, and Jack asked the blessing. Carlos and Luann did the home deliveries. The gift certificate donated by Valley View Assisted Living went to Nancy Viggers who was happy to get it because there are several people that she wants to go visit there. Hey, didn’t I tell you that we aim to please? Our entrée was provided by Clark’s Disposal in memory of Dave Kline. Thanks so much.

Joe Phippen dropped by yesterday and donated a whole bunch of loose-leaf lettuce for our meal. Then Jim Sullens called and said that he had an old Methodist Church pew that we could have if we could get it that day. So we rounded up a couple of seniors and a couple of juniors in the persons of Pastor Keith and Alaina DeHart to go get it. Thanks so much to Jim and our helpers. We can always use good seating! And this particular pew has a brass nameplate of a couple of Prairie City old-timers: the late Gifford and Ila McIntosh. We are honored to have this useful and historical item in the hall. Tom’s word for the day: I’ve learned that expensive silk ties are the only ones that attract spaghetti sauce! (Age 44) So the table to go through the serving line first had a tie around their flower centerpiece.

And we did have spaghetti and sauce to go with our chicken Parmesan, Caesar salad and bread. The dessert was a “hillbilly baklava” by Lacy. If you didn’t want that, or you needed more dessert, Alex brought in a nice cake to add to the meal. I repeat: We aim to please.

Lorna and Bobbie brought Marilyn Randall and Mary Crawford from the Blue Mountain Care Center.

We had a good parade, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that the service songs for the vets were very well received and they wouldn’t mind if we did it again in the ensuing years. That makes us all very happy! I do have one correction: we are the Prairie Baptist Ensemble, not that other word that sounds like it. “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Which reminds me of what I heard on TV when someone was listing a bunch of sayings: “Does anyone under 50 recognize these references?” Which is why I do good on answering Jeopardy questions that come from the last century. Ahem.

Daughter-in-love Agata is going to have her naturalization ceremony in Portland on the 18th, so I’ll be going to the big city for the first time in over five years. Will ride with Bert and all to the doin’s in downtown Portland. Details next week.

Eph. 2:19-20 “Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone.”

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