Happy Wednesday, all! I hope that at least some of you enjoyed this last bit of snow. Did anyone build snowmen? This is the worst part about winter, when the snow melts and makes everything all muddy. At least the berms in the middle of the street are gone! No more slipping and sliding on the snow-packed roads either.

On Feb. 25, our greeters were Ron and Gregg, who are always gracious enough to volunteer. There were 33 regular and 40 frozen meals delivered by Rachel and Rod Carpenter and David and Rodney. Our meal was served by the lovely volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Big thanks to all of you! The meal consisted of tuna cakes, steak fries, veggies and artichoke pasta salad with snickerdoodles and ice cream for dessert. Yum! Karen was the winner of the two free meals donated by the senior center, and Yog won the Len’s Drug gift card. Congratulations!

The last day of February was spent among our amazing friends here at the senior center. Our greeters were Geanette and Gregg. Ron, Carl, David and Rodney delivered 48 meals. How spectacular! This time, lunch was served by the John Day Volunteer Fire Department for the first time. Thanks, guys and girls. We truly appreciate all of your hard work! Lunch was pork chops, cheesy potatoes, white bean salad, French bread and poke cake for dessert. James and Bruce won the free lunches. What a delicious prize! It was a beautiful day with the sun shining upon us. Everyone thought spring was in the air and all were smiling.

Ecclesiastes 11:7-8 “Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day. People ought to enjoy every day of their lives, no matter how long they live.”

How is everyone holding up in this crazy snow? We had over 2 feet of snow all over our place. There were a couple of days where we were just shoveling snow, because it was higher than the windows, to get to our truck and to get to the different areas around our property. My chickens have refused to come out of their coops, and I had to make pathways for the goats in their yard. The snow there was so deep that it came over my knees! The goats didn’t want to come out of their shed either.

Everyone is saying this is weird weather. I don’t know what to make of it. Is it unusual to have this much snow when we are in March? I do know that it is not good for calving time. I think the weather is supposed to get warmer, and we are to get rain in the forecast. I’m hoping and praying that the Lord will turn it for good for us around here.

Well, on the upside of things, we had some delicious baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, dinner rolls and chocolate cake for dessert. I was hungry so you know I pigged out. We thank Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell for preparing our awesome meal.

Our greeters at the table were Bodean Andersen, Jimmy Cole, Linda Blakeslee and Kristi Guimont. Bodean led us in the flag salute, made the announcements and prayed the blessing over our meal, Jimmy and Linda collected and counted the money and Kristi checked in the guests. We had 39 guests on the books and eight take outs.

The winner of the Len’s Drug gift card was Doug Sweek. The winners of the free meal tickets were Max Breeding and Bill Nichols.

We had some visitors join us from Spray, and they were Dick and Pam Wanous, as well as Katee Hoffman and her new assistant, Steven Baldwin, from John Day (I hope I got his name right). We also had Sue Stovall from John Day join us for lunch.

Oh, I thought I would remind you all that “spring forward” time is just around the corner. In fact, it will be this coming Sunday morning, March 10. So, don’t forget to change your clocks before you go to bed on Saturday night or you will be late for church on Sunday. Ha.

Spring forward is not one of my favorite times, but at least we will have longer days. It should start getting warmer and sunnier. Maybe I will try my hand at sprouting some black sunflower seeds I got on sale at Wilco for my chickens. I looked into some info, and I found it is even safe for human consumption. I am very curious as to finding out how sunflower sprouts will taste.

I have been saving those clear plastic containers from Costco that had the croissants in them. I think they will make excellent sprouting containers. Recycle what I have and save money!

Philippians 1:29 “For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake.”

Contrary to what my column stated last week, we did not give out a gift certificate for the February birthday. Why? Because we took a “snow day.” It was more like an “ice day,” though. Sorry about that. The message must have gotten out fairly clearly because I only had one phone call inquiring. So, the February gift certificate donated by Huffman’s Market will be given on March 6 — I hope. And the meal will be chicken, in memory of Dave Kline.

Then when I brag about the power not going off, what happens? The power goes off! But we have a generator so we were able to keep the heating apparatus going. PTL that it was only for a few hours.

Made a discovery when Joel was working on the kitchen floor. In moving the cook stove, someone managed to get hold of the proper place and the whole top rose up — for easy cleaning under the burners! We’ve only had that stove for 10 years, and that’s the first time that I remember that happening. So I tried it when I was cleaning the washing machine. Nothing happened, even though I pried, pulled and prodded. Well, phooey. Seemed like the old one did that. Of course, with my memory, things are not always what they seem. That’s why I take lots of photos and keep a diary!

Encountered the curator of our DeWitt Museum. I had given him a whole box full of old Strawberry Grange stuff, and they were delighted to find out more about the grange here. Anyway, he is looking for volunteers for the upcoming season.

If you like history, especially of Grant County and Prairie City, you should contact him. And if you have any historical memorabilia, don’t throw it out! You know the old saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

This summer will also see a new thing in Prairie City: a Fiber Fest. This is going to be all over our fair city. It will be in late July and looks to be quite an event. More details later.

The YAP orchestra has two instruments for each part now for a total of eight players. We are working on the “Hoe Down” from the film “Rodeo” by American composer Aaron Copland. The choir chimes have doubled in the number of players. We played with two adults and three youngsters at the winter concert. In May, there will be one adult and nine youngsters! I won’t have to play unless there is an emergency in the ranks.

We are practicing Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” and an arrangement of “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho” with Ezekiel’s “Dry Bones.” We manage to use all but three of our compliment of 37 chimes in these three songs.

Only three weeks until spring! Got another seed catalog, then I look out the window and watch the herd of deer wander by and wonder if it is worth it.

Romans 8:18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

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