JOHN DAY —How was everyone’s weekend? If you didn’t know, Sunday was Cinco de Mayo, so I’m sure there were plenty of fiestas happening around the county! It is pretty interesting actually and a good way to expand your cultural horizons. Anyway, on April 29 our greeters were Everett and Gregg whom we are always happy to have as they welcome us all to eat! There were 37 frozen and 28 regular meals delivered by Step Forward and Suzanne.

Our meal was delicious as always, as our cooks cooked up some delicious cavatappi pasta with chicken, turkey, summer squash and zucchini in a creamy cheese sauce, cucumber tomato salad, bread and trifle for dessert! Yum, yum. The meal was served by volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we thank them for their generosity. This time, our two free meals were won by Rachel, and the gift card donated by Len’s Drug was won by Carol Roe. Congratulations, guys! Better luck next time to everyone else.

This warmer weather has got me in the mood for some yard work! I’m pretty OK with it staying this temperature, though, and not getting much hotter. Although, the breeze makes it seem considerably colder some days, hmmm. I guess we can only pray that the Lord gives us some favorable weather!

We would like to thank Methodist Thrift Shop and Driskill Memorial Chapel for donating our meal today, as it was delicious! It consisted of beef enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans, chips and salsa with birthday cake for dessert. What would we do without our amazing cooks keeping us well-fed and happy?

This time it was served by members of the Nazarene Church who always do such an excellent job and who are so kind. Thank you!

It always amazes me, all the angels in our community that give of themselves.

I still can’t believe that it’s May. This year has flown by! Crazy to think how fast time moves. All the more reason to be thankful for what you have and for those you have. Stay tuned for more gardening adventures to come!

1 Chronicles 16:34 “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”


We had a most excellent meal for our last Tuesday of the month of April. If you weren’t present, you missed juicy pork ribs, with cole slaw, baked beans, garlic bread and chocolate birthday cake for dessert. Bodean and I both whooped and let out a cry when we learned that it was chocolate cake! Ha. It was oh so yummy and satisfying. We are very thankful and appreciative to our cooks Terry Cade and Carrie Jewell.

Our greeters at the table were Jimmy Cole, Linda Blakeslee and Kristi Guimont. Jimmy and Linda collected and counted the money. Kristi checked in all the guests. Bodean Andersen led us in the flag salute, made the announcements and prayed the blessing over our meal.

We had 40 guests on the books and nine takeouts. Colleen Wiley and Jackie Sweek both won free meal tickets.

My family and I went to the EMT dinner that was on Saturday, May 4. It was a very delicious meal, and the head chef was our wonderful Sylvia Cockrell. She made this amazing pablano sauce that was just so tasty. We all enjoyed our meal so very much. Of course I ate like a pig, but you know that great feeling in your tummy when you enjoyed your food and are completely satisfied? Well, that was exactly how I felt. I felt good!

The EMT dinner was a great success. We went to the 6 p.m. time slot, and it was crowded. There were also live pie auctions. I think some pie actually went for like $70! Crazy, right? But, hey, it’s all for a very good cause. Ray Davis of Monument was the lucky winner of the Traeger smoker that was being raffled.

So, can you believe that we are now in May? That is almost half a year gone by us. We’ve also been having some really gorgeous weather here in Monument. It’s still pretty green out here and just takes your breath away with its beauty.

I’ve started to water my raspberries and asparagus. Some of the asparagus heads from last year got frozen in the very frigid morning temperatures. Although it was deceivingly “sunny” looking and warm, it was cold! Brrr.

Because we have been having such nice sunshine, I decided to let the mamas and their baby kids out. Hmm, I’m not so sure that was a good idea. They kept squeezing through the panels and escaped. Well you know the freaky control side of me had to do something, so I spent the next almost two and half hours zigzagging bailing twine. Did that deter these little rascally escape artists? Of course not! So I decided to give up and move on to more important matters like the garden.

Oh, we went to look for a certain grape vine at the Prairie City nursery and decided to visit their senior center lunch. It was nice to share a meal and visit with my other correspondent, Rose Coombs, and meet so many nice folks.

1 John 1:7 “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.”


We celebrated Cinco de Mayo in fine style, with tacos and all the fixin’s, black beans, rice and a super-duper cupcake. We thank Russell’s Custom Meats for donating the ground beef for the tacos. It was good. The table that got to go first had a five of hearts card under the centerpiece. Har, har.

Ginger led the flag salute, and Jack asked the blessing. Carlos and Jay made the home deliveries. Delores Scott was the recipient of the $5 gift card donated by Len’s Drug. Tai chi will start again on May 8, so if you have been missing the movements, here’s your opportunity to get going again.

Now this announcement is really important in our area of high unemployment: Next year is the census! And you can get paid a good wage for just going around and counting your neighbors. So get with it and apply.

We had special guest today in the persons of Soo, her hubby and two young children from the Monument Senior Center. We had a great time visiting, and this meal was right up her alley! And once everyone has been served, you are permitted to go back for seconds. So she did. Glad you came!

So what is all this about Cinco de Mayo? I was under the impression that it was a Mexican holiday celebrating Mexican independence. It actually began earlier than that. According to what I heard on the radio (and that’s just as good as the internet, right?) on May 5, 1862, Mexico defeated the forces of Napoleon III, thereby keeping him from providing arms and material to the Confederate States. This was instrumental in allowing the Union to win the Civil War. Union soldiers were allowed to keep their government-issued arms, horse, tack, etc. if they would go to Mexico and serve in that army in the Mexican War for independence. Later, many men of Mexico came to the United States to volunteer for duty in the America armed forces during Word War II. So it truly is a joint celebration.

We are pleased to let you know that the roof above the kitchen and bathrooms has been repaired. After 40 years, it had developed several leaks. Was most disconcerting to come into the kitchen and see a stream of water coming out of one of the new light fixtures! So everything is ship-shape again. Whew.

And I know it’s spring because I have been able to get out and clean the flower beds — after waiting for the cold wind to go away! So I have some sore areas on my body now. Called for an appointment with my alternative medical provider. He asked how I hurt myself. When I answered, he replied that there was a lot of that going around!

Here are a few things to think about:

If poison is past its expiration date, is it more poisonous or no longer poisonous?

Which letter is silent in the word scent? Is it the S or the C?

The word swims upside down is still swims.

Isn’t the English language fun?

Rev. 7:9 “After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation. Tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.”

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